Your Domain Based Website Not a Plugin

When we say a domain-based website, not a plugin, meaning a website is a system of related pages, and multimedia contents.  It is a not plugin that when activated it functions immediately and generates money for you.

We are being flooded with false information about what is online entrepreneurship. You may have been filled and bombarded with emails and messages telling you that when you join a certain group you will have their own system that generates you money.

Today we will discuss the following to have an understanding of what is a website where you will run your online business.

What is a Website?

Your Domain Based Website Not a Plugin-website

Let us take into consideration the definition provided by Wikipedia which runs this statement, “a website is a collection of related web pages, including multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server.”


A Collection of related web pages

Following the thoughts that a website is a collection of related web pages, it means it’s not only a single page but it is a group.  It may consist of tens or hundreds of pages discussing and promoting related topics.


The website contains multimedia content

Multimedia includes the following:
text that you can read
audio that you can hear
interactive which two people discuss responsively or either a person and a computer
images resembling anything or any person

What do you need in order to create and establish a website?

 A Domain Name

Your Domain Based Website Not a Plugin-domain

They say you can have a website without a domain name.  True or false?  It’s false because if you happened to enter into a Web Host and they created a free website for you, it does not mean that your website has no domain name.

Let’s try to have a close look at this example:

Four months ago I created a website “whenforestaregone” for free.  And WordPress had set it for me. Why is it that there is a .com at the end of the site?

It means that the one I created for free is attached to a domain that is owned by WordPress and so my site is a subdomain of It does not mean that I did not need a domain name.  In fact, a domain name is necessary for the establishment and creation of a website.

When the time will come that you upgrade your site it will be on a domain that is eventually yours.  It will become 


Why should you take it as early as possible?

Since the domain name is a branding of your own, during the time that you don’t own it you cannot do what you want but you are subject to limitations given by WordPress.

This is the reason why it is recommended for anyone who plans on having a long-term online business needs to have the website on a domain as early as possible. Why?  Google has to ensure one thing that is important for an entrepreneur and that is site trust which you will gain it through time.

Your Domain Based Website Not a Plugin-image

Before you leave this post please bear in mind that a website geared for a long-term money-making business must be based on a domain name.  A domain name warrants you that any website you create within it are yours.


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I would like to thank you for dropping by and reading this article and I hope it somehow helped you.

If you happen to have questions or ideas that may enrich this discussion you are free to comment below in the comment box.  Or you can send me a private message at the following email address:








18 thoughts on “Your Domain Based Website Not a Plugin

  1. Queen

    This article is very explanatory and I wish every newbie will lay their hands on it before venturing off to waste money on all this push button systems now everywhere on the net.

    When I didn’t know better, the mention of a free website makes me feel so happy that the person really wants to help me succeed but with time I got to understand it better, just like you said, its never mine for the keep and as long as it’s hosted under someone else’s domain, my use of it is limited.

    Owning my own website is definitely the best way to go, it does give me all control over my business.


    1. Accad

      It’s even thrilling to have your own website and you see all your posts are being indexed and ranked by Search Engines. You really have the brand because it’s your own design, it’s your own investment and it’s how you will be known and trusted.

  2. Chris

    I have been looking into starting up my very own blog for about six months now, but I had no real idea where to start – thanks so much for explaining all this in Layman’s terms. 

    I have clicked through the link and suggestion at the end of your article and it really looks like a great community, but will they take on complete newbies to blogging like myself, and at what level are the lessons? Suitable for beginners?

    1. Accad

      Thanks, Chris, for leaving a comment. The community is great because it’s a combination of newbies and experts so they have a variety of experiences. The lessons in Wealthy Affiliate are designed for beginners to experts. Taking myself as an example I don’t know  anything about the creation of a website but everything is provided until I can work on my own. It’s really a great platform to learn from.

  3. Josie

    Great explanations. I understood what a website was before reading, but really enjoyed gaining a better comprehension of what a domain and subdomain is and how it will affect my website long term to monetise my website. Without monetising the website, it seems a bit pointless to even have a website. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Accad

      Yes, Josie, what you want to monetize now is your website not the website or products of others.  You have your own and you can monetize through AdSense, through your own product such as eBook, through affiliate programs-meaning promoting the products of others and you will have commissions.

      It’s really advantageous if you have your own website than just cling to someone’s own.

  4. Dhayours

    I must commend you for taking your time to share this article because you have really done a great job explaining what a website is , a domain and a subdomain. This is a must read for everyone who wants to run an online business through running of a site. I will keep checking up on you to get more information.

    1. Accad

      Thank you for the commendation and I hope you will come again and leave a comment on some of my related posts. I find joy in helping others through this simple knowledge and research. Hopefully, others will find it too.

  5. Ciara


    I think you break this down very nicely. It can be quite confusing at first– I know I was! I was always interested in why some domains had the wordpress part after them. I currently use WordPress, but do not have the wordpress part after my domain name. I get why now!

    It does look nicer to have just the domain name, but do you think this changes the flow of viewers to your site? Do you think it negatively affects your business in any way to have the wordpress part?

    Thanks for breaking this down,


    1. Accad

      Many people now are not fond of having several hyphens, dashes and dots inserted in between words and phrases. I, myself do not like it. Usually, a subdomain is longer than a domain.  Why? This is a domain under a domain so you will have two dots and your subdomain always carry the name of the domain where it is connected.

      If your domain is about and you will have a subdomain about oil for cars it is not good to see a subdomain that reads like this: your subdomain is related to your domain health.comHowever, you will always have to use the two dots:

      When it comes to people who come to the internet they may ignore the dots when the subdomain and domain are closely related, but when they have no relationship at all they will not consider it as a unique one but it’s a bad domain name.

  6. Ilias

    I like your explanation about what is a website, a domain, and a subdomain.

    Many people try to get started online without knowing the basics and spend their time and money.

    I agree with you, a website is the best way to start an online business. You will find more customers and leads than a Youtube channel, a landing page or any other strategy that people try these days.

    1. admin

      Thank you Ilias for your comment.  I’m elated you were enlightened.  It’s true people are being deceived by the scammers saying they can earn $150 a day, $1,500 a week or even more by just having the business of promoting something. In fact, all successful online entrepreneurs have established their site through a domain that have given them the brand name.

  7. Michael

    Great simple and informative review helping us know what a website is.

    Many people tend to get hyped and the wrong impression with all the scams now a days that if you own a website, you can easily make millions.

    People need to know it is not a push button plugin that makes money, but simply a platform you use and work hard at, that in time can make you money.

    Thanks for your review.

    1. admin

      If I have not been here at Wealthy Affiliate until this time I maybe believing that there is a push button that generates money and I will be scammed over and over.  

      Thank you for dropping your comment Michael and I hope we can teach people to have the right choice if ever they wanted to engage on the online business:

  8. James B Manson

    Thanks for the information. Site trust is definitely important for an online business. A domain name can help you build that over time and help get your site indexed by Google as well. Your domain is your brand and the earlier you can brand your business the better. Wealthy affiliate is definitely the best place to do that and they walk you through the entire process. Awesome information!

    1. admin

      Hi! James. Thank you for visiting my site and dropping a comment. We are agreed on two things: First, a domain is your brand-if you opt to have your online business for a long time it’s better to have a site that sits on a domain. Second, Wealthy Affiliate is the best place-yes, not only in its cheap price for domain registration and site hosting. The package is affordable and is competitive with other domain registrars and Web Hosts.

  9. Judy

    Thanks for the information about Wealthy Affiliate, Jimmy. I had seen the emails for years telling about Wealthy Affiliate’s program, but never checked into it until a little more recently. It seems to be a pretty stable idea–turn your talent into a website and talk about what you know. I think blogging is a great way to bring all of us together, to understand other people from their own point of view, to have fun expressing our creativity and to pave the way for providing for ourselves and our families. Keep up the good work.

    1. admin

      Thank you, Judy, and I’m happy you are with Wealthy Affiliate. It’s our home for success. Just shout to the community and they will offer help to you. I learned much from WA and one clear thing is content makes money, not a plugin to be installed that generates money as always being said by scammers. I am pleased to share with you my growth and development process at Wealthy Affiliate. Please read and share it with others.

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