Website Likened to a Seed

Website likened to seed is a seed needing more than itself to prosper. Seed will remain forever a seed if it would not be sown on a ground.  In fact, it will die naturally if it’s kept in a corner. 

Many have thought of and saying, I don’t need a website I can make money even without it.  That’s true but having no website is like having no seed and expecting to harvest from a tree for the next 5 to ten years.

In a long term online business, your website is your seed and it needs something more than itself to prosper and that is the ground soil. Seed should be sown on the ground to start germinating and eventually rise like a tree, so with a website it must rest on a domain to grow and stay for a long-term business.

Website likened to a seed-seeds

Anyone who is serious about having a long-term online business has to start with a website.

A seed needs soil, a website needs a domain to rest on

If you really want a certain seed to germinate you have to sow it into the soil.  All seeds need to be buried under the soil to start germinating. A website will not stay forever as a website if not rested on a domain.

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A seed needs moisture or water, a website needs content

The content of your website is like a water that gives moisture to seed in order to loosen the coat and endosperm and to activate the embryo to sprout. An all time presence of moisture will sustain the seed to grow and emerge as a tree.  A website needs to be filled with content to emerge as a website.

A seed grows into a tree, a website has to branch out

A website likened to a seed-grown tree

A website starting from a particular niche has to have new directions like branches that come from a single trunk.

A website must widen its scope, it is diversifying from a specific to the general interest.

A website likened to a seed grown to a tree that branches out will definitely serve and cater to the different needs of living things around.

A tree is no longer just for the birds that find and relish to make it their home but also for other animals who find comfort and security under the tree.

A website likened to a seed grown tree is inviting to different living organisms enjoying their stay with it.

A website likened to a seed grown to tree branches out through its content definitely gains trust and brings security to its audience will find support and strength over the years.

Your Decision Matters Most

Start your own online business by having a website, a seed that is truly your own, affordable, sustainable and fulltime income generating.  Sow it here for free.  I can assure you it will prosper with the cheapest online university you can have on the internet.


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2 thoughts on “Website Likened to a Seed

  1. Sharon

    This is an amazing way, yet simple in describing how a website transforms into an online business.I have heard about affiliate marketing years ago but never give it much thought then. It was only recently that I dive into it.

    Yes, I found Wealthy Affiliate and it is indeed a great place to learn. Building a good foundation is a must to be successful. Hard work and perseverance are much needed too.

    1. Accad

      Thank you Sharon for dropping by and leaving a comment.

      Everyone of us as time goes by learns as we go on with the journey. I thought of bringing this thought online to defy the claim of the scammers that there is a system that can make an income in just overnight.

      When I read the testimonies of successful entrepreneurs they transformed me into a new person.  I no longer believe in a get rich quick strategy.

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