Wealthy Affiliate Secret Deals in Las Vegas

I can tell you that although we don’t divulge what we do discuss in our secret meetings in Las Vegas.”

Wealthy Affiliate Secret Deals in Las Vegas-Conference room

I was struck by this statement from the co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle Loudoun.

Would you refute with me?  Please read this article until the end so you will not be misled.

Something is serious that may implicate the lives of people around the community.  This is not a joke there are millions of people coming in and out of Wealthy Affiliate.

Vigilance is a value here.  These are people who come from different parts of the world with serious needs to be addressed.  They converged at Wealthy Affiliate with their energy and resources for a common purpose and aspirations, to experience financial freedom.

I believe that is the only difficulty in life most of the people wrestle with to fully and effectively discharge community responsibilities.


Will this throng of people being scammed by?

There is so much to say these people including myself were scammed in different times and ways.

Can you imagine, a computer programming, IT graduates and many professionals fell into the tricks and wizardry of scammers?  Yes, it’s unbelievable, much hard earned money has been stashed from their accounts.

Experience to experience will bad fate befall again to you?  I don’t think so, people are becoming smart and they can say goodbye to scams that come in different faces.


Will they experience the same thing within Wealthy Affiliate?

We cannot deny the fact that experience is the best teacher.  Thanks for the truth that people are now becoming aware of all sorts of bad deals on offline and in online.

What seemingly concealable are now unconcealed by their own ways of self-serving interests.  We abhor such acts of exploitation and we denounce them because they downgrade the essence of being a human.

Human ingenuity and the rise of technology had over taken the value of helping one another for the good of all and for a better world.

However, determining the legitimacy of such business company can at least save us from being a victim of the shrewdness of scammers.

Have you ever heard of a business company concerned for its laborer, employees who are the backbone of the business so to say?  Yes, the people are the breath and life of a business.  Without the hard working people to create, build and promote the products company will hardly survive.

So a company has to think of how its business can be improved.

Hear the continuation of the statement above, the secret deals of Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s Not Focused on Selling. It’s Focused on Helping.

People are always curious as to what we discuss within our “secret” meetings in Las Vegas. I can tell you that although we don’t divulge what we do discuss, the emphasis of the entire event is always based on how to IMPROVE the service here at WA to make it a better place for everyone.

We soundboard our ideas within a roundtable discussion, things that we either already have slated, that are in development or currently in the late idea stage. Some of them get shut down, some of them are received with exciting, and I think in many circumstances blown away about what we have coming your way.

There is a consistent theme though that we never deviate from. The idea of helping more people, helping them quicker, and offering them tools, services, and platforms that make your life easier within the online space.

We talk about you, the community. We talk about WA, the platform. We talk about how to make it a better service.  (from What it Mean to you and to us?)

Is there a bad thing to know that LAS VEGAS is not just an exposure and expenditures but a meeting of greatest concern? ______________

Is there a bad thing to talk about improving the services you offer to people?______________

Is there a bad thing talking about people who contribute to the progress of the business?_______

Wealthy Affiliate Secret Deals in Las Vegas-Participants

Let’s join them for they are people who came from humble beginnings who believe in a community of helping one another in the Wealthy Affiliate world of Education, the Wealthy Affiliate University.


Start your business now with the good and legit one:






  1. Jimmy, good article. I would recommend WA to anyone. There definitely is no “get rich quick scheme” going on here. You have to work hard and put in the time to get results. That’s told to everyone upfront and those that work hard have success. I will be honest and tell you that when reading “Wealthy Affiliate Bad Secret Deals in Vegas” I was a little worried that you were eluding to WA as being a scam. I didn’t realize the direction of the article until I had read a majority of it. You may want to be careful with that. If someone doesn’t spend the time reading the entire piece, they may walk away with the wrong impression. That’s the only critical feedback I have. The layout looks great and I like the image in the background.

    Take care and good luck!

    • Thank you Jay for reading my post and dropping your comment. I will consider revising it through and by the light of your advice.

  2. I absolutely agree that Wealthy Affiliate is a legit company, filled with many people who honestly want nothing more than to be helpful and to guide you to success.

    It can be hard to trust people online, especially if you have already suffered through a scam or two. What makes it even harder is when something seems “too good to be true.” In this case, however, I can honestly say that I have yet to see a negative side to WA.

    Thanks for the write-up.

    • Thanks for dropping by and giving your comment. Thousands have proven the legitimacy of Wealthy Affiliate because they have stayed and waited for the right time. While on the other side others are waiting to see their dreams as they go along the community.

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