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Are you planning to have an online education?  Are you having difficulty in identifying the best online education?

Choosing Best Online University must be our primary consideration.

In the online world we are exposed to many choices, and if we are not wise enough success is a remote thing for us.  In this life, it’s a matter of best choices that we can usher ultimate success in the online realm.

I would like to present a story that pictures how we are filled with many choices in this world, which is sometimes so confusing.  Try to picture yourself you are the farmer in the following scenes.

Here is the story of the late Dr. Juan M. Flavier.

The farmer was getting sick and tired of making choices. Yet, at every turn, he found the necessity of choosing one way or another.

He tried to avoid it, but the need to decide kept cropping up. It seemed that every situation presented and an exasperating set of options and he just had to select and decide.

For the baptism of his son, the church deacon asked, “First class or second class?”

The farmer visited the cemetery; there the caretaker asked him, “South or North Cemetery?”

He went to see a movie and the takilyera (ticket dispenser) asked, “Orchestra or balcony?”

He went to bet at the sabung to avoid all the hustle.  The Kristo (bet-taker or matchmaker) said, “Sa pula o sa puti?” (On the red or the white rooster?)

All he needed was a kilo of salt.  The vendor wanted to know, “pino o magaspang?” (Fine granules or rock salt)

Even the simple act of ordering beverages involved a complicated set of choices.

Coffee or tea?” asked the waiter in the restaurant.

“Tea,” the farmer answered.

Chinese or Cylon tea?”


With kalamansi or milk?”

“With kalamansi,” replied the farmer resignedly.

Then the farmer bought some cigarettes and he was confronted with another set of selections:

King size or regular?”

“Filtered or unfiltered?”

Mentholated or not?”

Flip-top box or ordinary?”

One day, the farmer accidentally fell into a deep ravine.  Fortunately, he was able to grab a protruding branch.  Precariously, he held on.

“Help,” he shouted.  “Somebody, please help me.”  But no one answered.

Finally, in sheer desperation, he looked up and pleaded with his patron saint:  “St. Francis, please help me.”

A voice from the sky asked, “Which St. FrancisSt. Francis of AssisiSt. Francis Xavier? Or St. Francis de Sales?”

Sometimes we are tired of having choices but it’s even tiring if we make mistakes in our decision. Scams proliferate in the online world and they seem to be unidentifiable.  But we have to know them.

If we do not read reviews on the different scams we will surely fall for their tricks.

It is very important therefore that we help ourselves by availing substantial information around on the internet so we can decide on the best option from many choices in front of us.

Building Our Lives through Reliable Information-This is our quest, this is our mission, this is what we live for.

So if you plan to have an online education. I can suggest for the Best Online University Choice you can have. 

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6 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Online University

  1. Marcus

    Hey Dolo

    Thanks for this great read! I especially liked your small story – it made a great point 🙂

    I am sorry to see that you got a bad rating with scamadvisor, but as you point out yourself not all reviews and review sites are created equal.

    After all, you really have to use your own intellectual faculties and do your own analyze of whether a source can be trusted or not. This is even more when you are looking for the best online choice to make an income.

    1. Dolo

      Thank you Marcus.
      I hope we can help people through this small thing so they will not fall into scammers.

      I am happy if this article will reach many people so they can have a little reminder before they decide. And of course decide to join Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. Mitch

    I liked the story of the farmer and the choices we make. That made me laugh.
    Thanks for sharing the internet scam information. I learned a lot from this and it’s good information to keep aware.
    It looks like Wealthy Affiliate is a good place to learn without being scammed.
    Do you recommend starting out with the free program?

    1. Dolo

      Thank you Mitch for your comment.
      I am happy if it made you laugh, that’s one of the things I like in the illustration it has a sense of humor but it also convey a deep reflection in life.

      I am very sure Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best place to learn from when it comes to online courses.

      It is my recommendation to anybody who is interested to start an online education from the Free Starter Membership.

  3. Geoff

    I enjoyed reading this blog post. There are lots of choices out there and we need to be vigilant which ones are a scam and which ones aren’t. I enjoy reading your article about the farmer (Because I can understand the Filipino words there), but yes, there will be overwhelming choices out there and it’s up to us to choose which one best suits us. Reviews and unbiased recommendations can greatly help with our decisions to know which is which. Well done for a good write up!

    1. Dolo

      Thank you Geoff for your comments. It’s really a good thing to help people out there who are serious in their own endeavor on online business. There are many options on the online world, if at least we could provide the right information for them they would be thankful to us for saving an amount for their own benefit.

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