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Wealthy Affiliate Domain Hosting Company Plus

Starting your online business starts with a domain name. And there are plenty and are available on the web.  If you chose to start your long-term online business, you can have your domain hosting at WA because Wealthy Affiliate is a domain and web hosting company plus.   Not only that it’s even the cheapest domain and web host in the town.

I. The Importance of a Domain
Your domain name is your address that tells people where you live.  A domain name helps direct your customers to your website. Your website is your home situated in your domain.

I haven’t seen the experts in online businesses that just posted their blogs anywhere on the internet and expects income.

Why do internet marketers connect to the following such as eHost,  Bluehost,  iPage, Host Gator,  SiteBuilder,  and others?  Because these are domain registrars and web hosting companies.

There is an explanation on a post but I would like to have stressed it here.  A domain name is a land that you own where your address is.  You bought that land and you can do what you want depending on the area.  If it’s enough and spacious you can build your home with three houses or cottages.

Wealthy Affiliate Domain Hosting Company Plus-domainaffiliatemarketingontheweb.com (domain)


The houses or cottages you built over your land are your websites.  Whenever people locate your house they will find the proper address, which is affiliatemarketingontheweb.com.  The unique name of your address is just for you alone and your household.

Anything you attach to your address will be identified as yours.  Let’s say you built a resort over your lot called Splash Resort.  Every person bound to the Splash Resort will eventually land on the address affiliatemarketingontheweb.com, they will never go to other places because that Splash Resort is only found in the address affiliatemarketingontheweb.com

Let’s say there are several splash resorts but people who have known your resort will always look for the Splash Resort located at affiliatemarketingontheweb.com.

Wealthy Affiliate Domain Hosting Company Plus-website


II. Wealthy Affiliate compared to other Domain and Web hosts.

Wealthy Affiliate Domain Hosting Company Plus-Price package

Wealthy Affiliate Domain Hosting Company Plus-Price package 2


 So, are you planning to buy your domain and have your website created in it? The comparative package above is for you to see which will lead you to have your choice.

Buying a domain from outside Wealthy Affiliate can be cheaper but it does not include all the things mentioned in the table above. They cost an additional amount and the yearly subscription is much higher than what is offered here as you see in the illustration.

With only $13.99 for one year, WA includes with EVERY single domain the following with zero upsells:

Full access to emails.

Full privacy and domain protect.

Full email accounts included with each domain purchase.

You don’t have to worry about being sold on various upsells or being charged more in subsequent years like other domain registrars.


III. Wealthy Affiliate is a Hosting Company Plus

Here is the answer from the co-owner Carson in February 2016 question, Is wealthy affiliate a hosting company?

No, we are not just a hosting company, we are a hosting company plus a lot more. Our web hosting platform here at WA is packed with more features, more security, and more simplicity than many of the top web hosts in the world. We have stripped out many of the confusing and ultra-technical “fluff” some companies have that we believe complicates the process of building and maintaining a thriving website.

On top of our fully managed WordPress, Web hosting platform is a layer of support, and community that works and helps one another build their sites. Our goal is to offer an experience at WA like no other in the world!

Yes, don’t forget, starting your online business begins with a domain name and a website. And there are plenty and are available on the web.  But if you chose to start your long-term online business, you can have these domain and website hosted at Wealthy Affiliate with the cheapest price in the town.

IV.  Conclusion and Recommendation
You try to explore over the web and know their prices and I am very sure you will come back here.  As I told you, you can have it here with quality services with even economic value.


Build your free website here!    And you can buy your domain here!


Thank you for reading.  If you happen to have any question, just feel free to jot it down below the comment box or send it to jjimmydolo@gmail.com, and I’ll be willing to get back to you as soon as I receive.


Start your business here.


4 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Domain Hosting Company Plus”

  1. Great post! I like how you explained the importance of domain names. Your analogies are very helpful. Like you explained, your website is like your house and your domain name is your address. It’s important that your domain name accurately describes your website so people can find it better.

    I’m also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and find it to be the best domain hosting company online. It provides all the training and support anyone would need to build and maintain a successful website. I’d recommend it to anyone at any level of expertise.

    Thank you!


    • Yes, WA provides all the needed for online business, the tools the system and the education needed so even the newbies can easily understand it.

      We do recommend it for anyone because we deem it as one of best online to entrust our business.

      Thank you Weston for dropping on my site and giving comment.

  2. Hi Dolo, thanks so much for giving this information. I want to start a new website so I’m thinking about what is the best domain to get.

    I think it’s hard to get a .com domain because all the good ideas are taken. Do you think .org or .net are ok too? You mentioned about hosting here, please, what’s the difference between hosting and domains and do you have to get both?

    I’m thinking about starting a photography blog to use as my portfoio, do you think Wealthy Affiliate could be good for this? Many thanks and sorry for all the questions. Simon.

    • Thank you Simon for your visit to this site. I hope this helped you somehow in your searching of something before you decide.

      When it comes to “.com domain” there are still more here at Wealthy Affiliate. When you buy your domain here you will host it here also because WA is Web and Domain Host.

      I’ve been searching online Web hosts and Domain hosts and I can say WA is the best among them when it comes to financial consideration. The package price for your hosting is very minimal. The good thing with WA is it does not upsell. Once you host it with WA everything is taken cared of with only $47 per month.

      I hope to see you inside Wealthy Affiliate in the coming days.


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