Wealthy Affiliate Dances as Member Progresses

It’s impossible for a company not to celebrate with dances when one of its members or affiliates progresses.

In fact, an organization or institution’s pride is its human resources being developed and become an asset themselves not only to their online services but to their own family as well.

Wealthy Affiliate Dances as Member Progresses-dance

I believe Wealthy Affiliate lays this framework of helping affiliates develop their online skills, knowledge, and abilities through and includes affiliate training, coaching, mentoring, and online career development.

This online career development I am referring to is an affiliate being taught of taking ownership of their online businesses. They will become experts in their own field of interests, therefore, serving effectively to their business affiliates.

I know there have been plenty of them who have accomplished this wherein Wealthy Affiliate has the pride in them being the product of its online university education.

At this juncture, I would like to categorically mention some of the most obvious things I have gone through since I started with Wealthy Affiliate. As Wealthy Affiliate is interested to know these, it will never ignore to have the unique dance in celebration with me.

For one thing sure, the world will be glad to hear the very first dance to be taken by Wealthy Affiliate. But before that let’s look into what is really worth celebrating.


First Progress—determining what is a scam and not.

I have the full trust and knowledge that Wealthy Affiliate is legit and the home for success.

When people search for something for money online there are too many offers and often times so confusing. At first, I found myself so amused by the advertisements of certain systems that would generate money on the internet.

I am amazed so much that I would like to join so I can have money in the fastest time even without doing something as it is promised. Thankfully I don’t have the money and so I did not succumb at the very moment I have the urge to do so.

As I continue to explore in the internet world the more I encounter the same offer and the same strategy. Quick money, no work, just wait and have it not in a year, not in many months but in just weeks you will have thousands of dollars.

I’m a newbie to online marketing and I cannot prove what a scam and what is not. The only good in the internet world is that almost all questions have the answers. And so I tried to be critical enough and search for reviews and there it led me to know them one by one.

It’s beneficial to have the experiences shared through reviews by those who dared to publish such facts of an online scam and the legit one. Through reviews, anyone will be saved from being broke as a result of exploitation and deceit.

This time it is my honor to recognize one person whom through her review on Wealthy Affiliate over and against a certain online scam had strengthened my stand to continue my Premium Membership with Wealthy Affiliate.

This woman is the Potpie Girl on the internet and she is no other than Jennifer. I’m just sorry for not being under her referral because I independently decided on my own.

Clearly, anyone will never fall in Online Scams if they read reviews regarding and anything related to invitations in online businesses before taking the final decision.

Wealthy Affiliate and its University are not a get rich quick system but an online that teaches the affiliates mastery of the systems that are established through and with human labor not only in the immediate time but even for a lifetime online business.

Second Progress—having a Domain, a Website, a Niche, and Content

I don’t know all about these for I haven’t gone to a computer or IT education but it’s a great thing to learn something of the relationship and interconnectedness of such terms in the online world.

I thought you will just create your website and put anything in it. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate University because I learned the importance of these four things.

A Domain Name. To me, a domain name is likened to a piece of land. This is your area of territory, you own or control it. Nobody can intrude it once you registered this in the domain registrar. Even you don’t use it for a time it will stay forever as yours unless you sell it.

This is the address of your website, meaning the location where everyone looks for it in search of something. This will always appear together with your website. If anyone by a mistake and attaches a website into your domain name (if this will happen) he/she will not benefit from it because you are the owner and everything and anything to be benefited from it shall be yours.

Example of my domain is https://affiliatemarketingontheweb.com

Whatever website name you attached to this domain name it will always be identified as your property and not of other people because it is you and you alone who owns that domain name.

A Website is also likened to a home. A home located on a piece of land. You can make several homes in your own piece of land. Let’s say you have two thousand square meters of total land area. So you can have two hundred and fifty square meters each home erected beautifully. All the extra space will be for another purpose.

Wealthy Affiliate Dances as Member Progresses-home

Your four homes must have descriptions. For example my concrete home, my wooden home, our ancestral home, home for everybody. These descriptions or names of your homes will never be found in any other areas of land because that is only for you.

When people locate your home they should locate it in your own piece of land because these can never be located anywhere else. It is yours and only yours and no one can take that, like the land you own that nobody can take it.

So if people are going to visit your four homes they should go to affiliatemarketingontheweb.com. There they will find your concrete home, wooden home, ancestral home, and home for everybody.

In online if your homes are indexed by Google you will just type the name and it will appear. Under it, you will see the name of your piece of land. So you have my concrete home and under it, you will see affiliatemarketingontheweb.com. You can also directly search for your own domain affiliatemarketingontheweb.com and your site will appear.

Your website will always appear with the domain name you registered with the domain registrar.

Niche and Content. A niche is the target group of people. Because you have four homes with different structural materials used, you are targeting four groups of people. Each home is a niche.

Because you own four homes or four websites each of these are different from each other. So the content inside each home must not be a mixture of the four.

Your concrete home must contain only materials related to concrete. Your wooden home must contain only materials related to wood or lumber. Your ancestral home must only contain about how it is being an ancestral home. Your home for everybody must contain about how it is for everybody.

The content in the four niches must not be mixed. So people going to see about concrete home will not find about wood in it.

Each of these niches above should have unique content so that people get interested in it will not be frustrated when they go and see what is inside.

Third Progress—Acquainted myself with WordPress Dashboard

WordPress Dashboard is a tool wherein you manage your website content in posts and pages.

This is the secret place where everything happens behind a website powered and hosted by Wealthy Affiliate.

With WordPress dashboard, you install plugins and update it, install themes and customize it.

You can have your website identity differ from your registered website. For example, if your registered website is ancestral home, with WordPress dashboard you can put vacated ancestral home as the identity and that’s what appears as the site title being read by people on the internet.

Permalink at WordPress dashboard. This is important and not to be ignored. Whenever you edit the title of your post never forget to edit your permalink because it will adversely affect your post.

If you will not edit your permalink the original will remain and your post will not be recognized the search engine will say nothing found.

What I have to discover is how to incorporate videos into your content.

Fourth Progress—Mastering Social Engagement.

I have set up my accounts on the different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google +. I do have shared most of my posts but I don’t see what good effect.

In Facebook, I do have a Fan Page aside from my account. Both of which I promoted my posts, in fact, the website I Learned to Love Wealthy Affiliate. But I don’t think it has a significant impact because people will just like it without even reading the content.

I know personally some of my friends so I contacted them whenever I see them liked it. Curiously, I asked if they have read what is on the link and they said, they did not read it because they just have free data on their own phones.

Twitter, Pinterest, and Google + users have responded but Twitter has the least. I don’t know what this pin board is all about and what does it do to my website. I don’t even know if I did the right way in pinning.

I know these are agencies of a market but I still have to know what is technically lacking. I know too that there are knowledgeable people around who could help me do it properly to generate traffic.

As of this time, I only have eleven posts on my website and I am seeing these on Google page. Basically, my site is a promotion of Wealthy Affiliate, the Web Host provider I ever trusted and where I am laying my hope in online business.

For the next months, I will continue to fill in content and make some corrections in the mastering of social engagement.

At this stage, I would say that I’ve reached the point of no return, no retreat and no surrender. I know the good thing is waiting for me and I’m determined to take the journey with Wealthy Affiliate until harvest time is ripe for what I have and I am planting.

This is the progress that needs celebration with Wealthy Affiliate taking the dance with me.

But what is this dance for? It’s a celebration of joys for an affiliate member in his progress with Wealthy Affiliate. When we celebrate we are expressing that something was accomplished. But this is more than just accomplishment it is a victory. Something good has happened and something bad was evaded.

It is a unique dance! Yes, because the culture from whom this dance is a unique one. It is one of the indigenous peoples of the Philippines you can find in the Northern Part of the country. This dance features four unique instruments of the Kankanaey Tribe being used during kanyaw. Today it can be used for any celebration and occasions like weddings, Thanksgiving, merriment, and cultural presentations. It is never used during funerals and any sad events.

The Sulibaw which serves as the drum has a similarity with the Bombos and Congas. However, the sulibao is made of wood at about 100 inches long which is much longer.

Gangsa, meaning gong

Takik-the two iron bars

Pistanthe same feature as the gong but smaller in size.

Thank you for reading my post. If ever you have something to be clarified please just let me know by sending your private message through this email address below.

Jimmy Dolo



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