Wealthy Affiliate Community likened to a Wrist Watch . Affiliate Marketing on the Web

Wealthy Affiliate Community likened to a Wrist Watch

Wealthy Affiliate community is likened to a wristwatch with different parts moving together for one purpose and one direction.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community

A community is composed of several people.  They may be coming from different parts of the world, different cultures, different status in life but they are called a community.

Just like a wristwatch which has different parts but has only one body and this one body is directed to one purpose, to deliver a time.

This is why different race, different cultures, different professions coming from the different parts of the world converged here at Wealthy Affiliate and cling together, moves together, and share together.


Wealthy Affiliate Community likened to a Wrist Watch-the community

Each one is a unique person

The uniqueness is highlighted by the ability, the color, the smell, the choices and preferences, the language and expressions.

Though these attributes are distinct in each individual not to mean separators and divisive rather the key elements to bring and build a community into one vision: Online Entrepreneurs.

Everyone is part of a development

Progress in one direction for the whole.  Try to imagine the parts of a wristwatch. The movement of each one is not separate from each other. Each one is moved by the other.


Wealthy Affiliate Community likened to a Wrist Watch-wrist watch parts

This is how it works. The power comes from one movement, the movement of the hand where the watch is worn. The rotor of the watch moves the ratchet wheel, and the ratchet wheel moves the spring barrel , the spring barrel moves the barrel, the barrel moves the center wheel, center wheel moves the third wheel which moves the fourth wheel, and then the escape wheel which is controlled and released by the pallet, and so on. The movement of all parts go into one purpose and that is to give a definite time.

This is the community of affiliates

No one moves singly for himself or herself. We are moved by the force extended by everyone for one purpose, for the betterment of the community.

Speaking of the community, it is not only those who come here and are learning but it includes the family of every one of us. They are the people to whom we want to dedicate our efforts and our successes.

Movement for the Maturity of everyone

Being the bread provider or a contributor to the family is an honor but it is not just to give provisions that make us as mature and responsible persons. It is taking the value of being a good person that contributes to a better society.

When we choose to be with Wealthy Affiliate, we don’t want to scam and be scammed. We know we have chosen the best online affiliate. It’s a legit, moral, responsible company that inflicts the good values in earning income for the family.

Thus, our choice to stay together, bound by the principle of responsible online entrepreneurs with Wealthy Affiliate as our home, is indicative of maturity we can be proud of in the whole world.

Join the Community

The door is open wide for you to contribute whatever skills you have. Join here. 

Or, you come and learn from the community of the newbie to the expert online entrepreneurs and realize your dream of having an income by yourself as your boss.  Register here!


Find a group to journey when it comes to online entrepreneurship.

Build your online business here.



4 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Community likened to a Wrist Watch”

  1. Great site and very well put together, and I too love the connection between the watch and Wealthy Affiliate thats like a dream come true for any networker that knows how it is out there in the jungle.So it seems no matter what level you are at this would be amazing glad I found your site.
    just wondering how was it before you found Wealthy Affiliates?? And did you make money before?

    Thx see you again soon!!


    • Thank you Jedediah. Even someone is in the jungle he/she will be connected because our world is so advance in technology. The fact is that what we are doing now, creating a website is a way where everyone can be connected and can work together for a purpose. And a website can only thrive through and by affiliation. Through a site, people are informed and decide on what to take.

  2. Hi Jimmy
    I really like that analogy of the watch, and how much better everything works when every thing works together.

    It took me far too long to realize that all of life is better as a giver. And there are many givers in the WA community.

    It’s so great a Wealthy Affiliate because of the give and take. Internet marketing can be a lonely place without a community of people going the same way you’re going.

    I too came and left, only to realize after a while that it’s much easier with continuous training and the company of people.

    • Thank you Mike for dropping your comment. You have expressed the exact thought I am to convey.

      If we are really a community that is geared towards helping one another, it is our foremost consideration to uplift others for in doing so we are uplifting ourselves.

      Many will be coming to learn by themselves like myself. If they do not need help why do they come here and learn something, they should go out in the world and do their business. The coming of everyone here at Wealthy Affiliate or going to any other Affiliate Sites only means they need somebody to grow their business.

      The crab mentality should be at any rate not a consideration for this is not the essence of affiliate marketing.


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