Wealthy Affiliate-A Unique Home for Success

A unique home possesses a distinct characteristic from any other homes established around.  It is specially built with materials, tools for a secured living place.  Wealthy Affiliate as a home is sufficiently built with all these needs that protect anyone from harm.

Every living thing in this world needs a home or a habitat.

Wealthy Affiliate, A Unique Home for Success-home in the forest

A habitat is defined as made up of physical factors such as soil, moisture, the range of temperature, and availability of light as well as biotic factors such as the availability of food and the presence of predators. A home is also defined as an institution for people needing professional care or supervision.


The two convey a common meaning to us and they are as follows:

1.  There is a community–each and every member has a feeling of fellowship with others, and they share common attitudes, interests, and goals.  Since everyone is bound by the spirit of being a community, there should be the feeling of acceptance, not only to the one that is being received as members but also to the receiving group. It should be a mutual feeling living happily complementing each other.

Wealthy Affiliate, A Unique Home for Success-community


How are You Accepted to Wealthy Affiliate?

Of course, nobody is more than happy to receive you than the owner of Wealthy Affiliate Carson and Kyle.  When you started as a Free Starter Membership you have been received and welcomed.  The more when you become a Premium Member.

Wealthy Affiliate, A Unique Home for Success-Kyle and Carson


They are willing to help you if ever you have issues encountered.  Just give them a private message and they will attend to your need.

There is also a receiving community and a Live Chat is provided for everyone to communicate to each other. Maybe this could be a chance for those who want to know someone and could marry.  But I doubt this would happen for I haven’t seen any courtship being developed in the exchange of messages.

The purpose of the Live Chat is to give members of the WA community the opportunity to ‘chat’ in real time and get a quick response for issues that concern them. As it has evolved, people use in lots of different ways to support their internet marketing activities and as a member of the community. Take a look at the list below.

  • To introduce themselves
  • To welcome people
  • To get to know other members
  • To ask questions
  • To get quick answers
  • To answer questions
  • To ask for help
  • To help other members
  • To ask people to look at something
  • To ask someone to critique something
  • To inform
  • To learn
  • To ask for feedback
  • To pay a compliment
  • To share good and bad experiences
  • To share good and bad news
  • To share knowledge
  • To share a joke and have a laugh
  • To make friends
  • To vent (anger or frustration)
  • To dip in and out to see what is going on in general
  • To discuss an IM issue or problem
  • To talk about any issue unrelated to IM – examples include, holidays, food, children, world economy, dogs, football, Olympics ...(from WA)


2.  Abundance and availability of provisions–In a home, there is something supplied for everyone in order to survive and live. A relationship in the community is critically important for inseparability but provisions that supply the substantial elements for strength and a dynamic symbiosis is equally and absolutely needed.

Wealthy Affiliate, A Unique Home for Success-abundance 1Wealthy Affiliate, A Unique Home for Success-abundance 2


In the Las Vegas meeting there is this statement:

I can tell you that although we don’t divulge what we do discuss in our secret meetings in Las Vegas.”

What was that meeting all about?  What was that agenda being concealed?

The next statement we hear is this:   It’s Not Focused on Selling. It’s Focused on Helping.

People are always curious as to what we discuss within our “secret” meetings in Las Vegas. I can tell you that although we don’t divulge what we do discuss, the emphasis of the entire event is always based on how to IMPROVE the service here at WA to make it a better place for everyone. (WA)

Have you ever heard of a business company concerned for its laborers, employees who are the backbone of the business so to say?  Yes, the people are the breath and life of a business.  Without the hard working people to create, build and promote the products company will hardly survive.  So a company has to think of how its business can be improved with the people around.

The legitimacy of such business company is not only to save its affiliates from being a victim of the shrewdness of scammers but to provide the abundance and provisions by helping them to attain in the immediate time their businesses to earn income.

Everyone here is in need, if not, why do they still come here and learn to have an online business to earn money? They should enjoy life by going anywhere or doing something else not of a business.  It’s an obvious matter that we cannot hide and anyone else can’t see.


3.  The presence of predators–I would consider and accept this as part of the existence of a home and habitat but this is the negative aspect of it. This should only picture our use of any provision we equally share like meat for we kill animals and consume them, bread for we crush the grains and seeds into powder. But in no way shall this apply to people of different cultures who have converged here at Wealthy Affiliate and become an integral part of one body, one organization, one community that continues to exist, not only to exist but live meaningfully attaining and enjoying the fruit of their dreams.

Wealthy Affiliate, A Unique Home for Success-the predators No, not this

I believe that Wealthy Affiliate has been the home for thousands or maybe even millions as of this day. But it may have been also the Calvary for others who have decided to quit because they have not felt the warmth of a home having the spirit of a community and abundance of provisions, rather they served as preys along the way.  Here are some of the many people who succeeded with Wealthy Affiliate, please read their testimonies.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #1

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #2

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #3

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