Wealthy Affiliate 16 Questions and Answers You Should Know

The following 16 basic questions about Wealthy Affiliate can be asked by anyone. The purpose is to give directly the answers to people who are interested in online entrepreneurship, want to know about Wealthy Affiliate and seeks affiliation and partnership for their success.


1.  When was the WAU established?

Wealthy Affiliate started in 2005 when Kyle and Carson emerged as business partners.


2.  Where is its office based and located?

The physical site and office doubtfully exist but its online site is vast worldwide and continually expanding.


3.  Who are the owners?

Carson Lim and Kyle Loudoun


4.  How are their statuses now in life?

They are successful millionaire internet marketers.


5.  Why is it called an affiliate?

Because Kyle and Carson are affiliate members and they control ownership of Wealthy Affiliate.

Everyone who joins Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate member through the free starter and premium membership and shares percentage of income.


6.  Why is it called a University?

The community comprising Online Wealthy Affiliate is a people of diverse cultures with diverse professions and vocations.

In their own field and expertise, they work as Teachers, Instructors, Professors, Engineers, Doctors, Nurses, Computer Programmers, ITs, Agriculturists and many others wherein the communities are blessed by them.

Wealthy Affiliate confers digital badge to a member who has finished Certification Courses and Bootcamp Trainings.

The good thing about Online University is that the recognition happens anytime and at the pace of the learner.  Wherever you are in the world as long as you can access the online education the distinction is bestowed to speak for your allegiance, authority, achievement and membership.


7.  How big is the membership of WAU as to date?

It is uncertain but I would base my estimate on the statistics of the course and training.   There were 38,679 registered in the certification course and in Bootcamp training there were 53,788 registered.  These are either who have finished or are still having the course and training. So we can be considerate to estimate the total membership at one hundred thousand active who are daily involved in the activity.  However, this can be corrected if there are a substantial basis and grounds to establish the legitimacy.

Kyle and Carson can have the definite and categorical answer since they have the access of those who are active and are earning.


8.  What curriculum does WAU offer to anyone who is interested?

Certification Courses (10 lessons each Level)


Affiliate Bootcamp

WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Starting Your Foundation PHASE 1 (10 lessons)

To a fast learner these can be taken and completed within three months but for those who have many things to attend to these will take longer.


9.  How much will it cost anyone to enroll and become a member?

If you join the Free Starter Program you don’t need any amount.  You can have the Starter Training, you can host 2 websites, avail the Live Chat with the community, have the 30 Keyword searches per month and have Personal Blog.

If you intend to stay in the Free Starter Program it will be good to do so.  Once you upgraded to Premium Program and you will not renew after it expired you can no longer go back to being a Starter Member Program.

In WA Premium Membership you will pay $47 or you will be offered a discounted amount.  You will be having the Certification course and Bootcamp Training, Personal Blog, Live Chat, and have 25 free sites in Site Rubix and 25 sites in your own domain.


10.  What are the necessary lessons to undertake in the WAU?

Both the Online Entrepreneur Certification course and the Bootcamp are necessary and helpful, especially to a newbie.  In both, there are systematic instructions and Walk-through videos that will guide an affiliate learner.

Aside from these courses and training that are undertaken by individuals each lesson is open to live classes so anyone can shoot questions and answers as to the need arise.


11.  What happens to affiliate members after they have finished the course?

It is an option if they will remain with Wealthy Affiliate or not but the objective of entering the University must have been fulfilled.

Having membership with Wealthy Affiliate for several months and are able to finish all the online courses everyone expects to have a running live website, if not already earning an income, must have been recognized or indexed by Google and traffic starts to build up.  This is the assurance that is reiterated in the lessons.

No member is laid aside and was not able to reach the dream of being an online entrepreneur.


12.  How long is the estimated duration of time when a member is sufficiently earning?

I have accessed some of the affiliate members’ testimonies and some of them have realized it within six months, others have had it in a year while others have it for two years.  A computer expert and an online savvy may easily take it for three months to start earning.

Individual’s progress may depend on the following factors like time and effort given to content, the ability to do all the technical side of media, and the continuity of premium membership.


13.  How much percentage of people who have joined and have failed and succeeded?

I don’t have the knowledge to answer this concern and is still a question to be asked to the owners of Wealthy Affiliate.

But beyond a reasonable doubt, there are those who failed due to financial constraints and they prematurely stopped their Premium Membership and never came back. On the other side, obviously many are now successfully earning an income.


 14.  Does WAU change lives of its members? Can WAU make anyone a millionaire?

Definitely yes!  Me nearly believing in all that is published in the internet have confirmed that not all those are facts.  Those who say there is a system that generates tons of money even without website content, meaning you don’t have to work, are absolute liars.


15.  What’s the Verdict?

Of all the popular Webhosting Companies Wealthy Affiliate has the lowest affordable package with no monthly upsell.  It’s Online Entrepreneur Certification course and Bootcamp is sufficient to make a newbie from scratch to a successful online entrepreneur.

Wealthy Affiliate Community including the owners are awesome, they are available to guide, help and respond to all issues raised.

Just one in a million reviews has negative feedback to WA and that makes the bearing of a successful company and online marketing affiliate.


16.  What’s the Invitation?

If you want to learn seriously to become an online affiliate marketer Wealthy Affiliate is the best place.  You are assured of your success in a system, not in an overnight but you yourself have accomplished and built that system through your time, sweat and labor.





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