The Winners Took it All-1.18 Billion Lottery Prize

The Winners Took it All-1.18 Billion Lottery Prize. This amount has been divided equally by two persons giving 20% tax to the Philippine Government.

Since last April 2018 nobody won the draws until last October 14, 2018, that accumulated that huge amount of prize.

The Winners Took it All-1.18 Billion Lottery Prize-lotto outlet

The Winners Took it All

In affiliate marketing, this seems not to be a true statement nor it does apply. In affiliate marketing, the gain or benefit is always shared by a tripartite. 

The two individuals shared fifty-fifty of 80% of the total prize and 20% goes to the government as tax.  The jackpot for the Sunday draw was the talk of the town, reaching P1,180,622,508, was the biggest in lotto history in the country. The winning combination was 40-50-37-25-01-45.

Of all the gamblers two only pocketed the biggest amount invested by millions of people of all walks of life entire the country. Nothing went to the bettors but just a frustrated hope and unanswered prayers.

The bad thing on the lotto betting is that you will be exacted by the government with 4.00 pesos by just betting a six number combinations. Let’s say you bet for three six combinations, the amount for that is 60 pesos but you will be exacted with tax for 12 pesos so you will pay a total amount of 72 pesos. Again when you win the jackpot prize the government will take 20 % for tax.

Is this an Affiliate Marketing?

In fact, this is the easiest affiliate marketing on earth conceived by the gamblers. It is a business run by two or three parties. The only difference between this and other affiliate marketing strategies is that it encourages easy money just like the scammers are promising. Since this is a game of chance it is a chance of one in a million. Meaning, your chance of winning maybe far and you will die before you win.

But, yes, the government teaches and legalized this strategy of investing money with false hope for many and sometimes the chance is always a possibility for the rich because they are the people that can bet more than the economically marginalized people.

Who are involved here in this game? First, the government who manages the game, second, the hopeful players. I don’t know how much the government is saving from each money given by the players since the prize is just a percentage of the whole amount invested in by the supporters of the game.

The name above this game is Charity

Long before the operation of lotto is the Charity Sweepstakes. A very good name that projects a good purpose in helping the needy but develops individual greediness and prone to ethical liability.

Now, these Lotto Games 6/42, 6/45, 6/49, 6/55, and Ultra 6/58 among others are under this beautiful name, Charity. Other than this, they have the Small Town Lottery (STL) wherein almost all barangays in the entire nation are involved, meaning they permit operations of this STL. The jueteng has been mapped out by this STL and opened an opportunity for individuals who are not employed in any company and who do nothing except to wait for bettors or they will go house to house with notes and pens and they look like doing a responsible work for the government.

What will they benefit from this? By engaging in this gambling they will be given 10% of the amount for the whole duration of each draw.

What Better Opportunity a Government Would Open for Employment of its people?

It’s not really easy to create an opportunity for jobs and sustain a family but people should not be taught of being hopeful in a hopeless thing. In gambling, millions are involved but only the winner takes it all.

Why not run a web hosting company that could offer affordable prices to the poor so they will have an opportunity to develop an online business even they are at home.

So while the government cannot offer something for you-you have to look for opportunities for yourself as I am trying now.

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