Steps in Building Website

Creating a website is super easy but building a website to produce money is a hard job. No system is made to generate money the easy way.

If you come to the internet world with no computer literacy and an understanding of internet terms you’ll find yourself in quite a difficulty. Nevertheless, there is a way that you can master things and become an expert.

You have to do some researching in order to understand the things and terms being used. Often times we are confused when we read terminologies like site and website but as we accustom ourselves on the internet we come to know that they are only interchangeably used but they mean the same thing.

This is how Merriam Webster defines a site: One or more Internet addresses at which an individual or organization provides information to others.

What’s Your Purpose?

Website creation is super easy you have all the tools on the internet but let me know why you are creating your website.

Is your purpose on the internet is for fun only, well and good?  Nobody will hinder you. Or to others is a serious thing, a serious business because they are really in need of financial freedom.

I doubt people will just go to the internet and build websites without any purpose and just waste money for it.  A website needs money for its monthly maintenance for its hosting.  You also need to register a domain name where your website is hosted and that needs a yearly renewal.

So I believe creating a website for most of those who come to the internet is to establish their site for a certain purpose and basically for financial stability for their family and loved ones.

And don’t forget your website is where you can brand yourself.  It is where you will become the authority in something that you can help people in whatever need they search for.

As years go by you earn the trust of your audience because they find your website a place for them to be guided finding information, solutions, and directions in their decision for something important for themselves.

Steps and Tools of Building a Website

Identify Your Interest, Niche, and Keyword

Steps in Building Website-Identifying niche for chicken eggs

An interest may refer to what you love and regularly do every day or more often.  It may be something that will identify with a certain group of people locally or internationally. Thus publishing your blogs about this interest will cater to the identified group of people.

In other words, you have identified an interest which will be the keyword of your post or maybe one of the keywords of your site that is addressed to your niche, the target people.

An additional understanding about this is found in this post, Identifying and Creating your Niche.

One of the grave mistakes of creating a website is ignoring this basic step and proceeding immediately in registering a domain or a website only to realize that you are going without a direction.

The sad thing about this is that you can never revise your domain name ones you have registered it. It is therefore not encouraged to register a domain name or a website name first before identifying your niche. A niche first should be identified before a domain name and a website name is created and registered.

2. Purchase a domain name

Steps in Building Website-domains


This is a crucial step in establishing your website if you intend to brand yourself in the long run.  The domain name is where your website is attached and identified.  If you register a domain name you own that forever nobody can take that even if your registration has expired because that domain is only identified with you.

This is how Wikipedia defines a domain name:
domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet. Domain names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS). Any name registered in the DNS is a domain name.

Why do we need a domain?

You cannot brand a website without a domain name because it is in the domain name that you have the control and no one can manipulate except you as the owner.

A domain name is likened to a home with a definite address that is identified with the owner. That home is divided into rooms and each room is filled with stuff according to their use.

The domain name is your home and the rooms are your sites, a or  Meaning you can have multiple domains with the primary and other subsequent domains including subdomains. 

The good thing is that first domain name mapped to your account and considered primary carries no additional privilege or priority over any subsequent domains mapped to your hosting account, each domain name will function equally.

There are a lot of domain registrars out there you only have to know the best one for you.  The best thing for your consideration is the packaging of the domain registrars.

Some domain registrars have cheaper prices but they have many upsells.  There are also those that have higher prices but no upsells and in effect, you can save an amount of your money for other purposes.


Where will you purchase or register your domain name?

If you are ready to with your niche and is decided to register a website within a domain name then I would suggest the best domain registrar and a web host. There are a lot trusted domain registrars and website hosts like GoDaddy, NameCheap, Bluehost, to name few but I like Wealthy Affiliate among them because it offers the lowest web hosting in the following scheme:

a) $49 payable monthly

b) $234 payable half-yearly (= $39 per month) this is if you go for six months.

c) $359 payable yearly (= $29.9 per month) and this is for one year


Steps in Building Website-Billing

This domain registrar is where all the newbies and experts converge learning together by sharing their experiences through a live chat so no one will be left with no help extended. Success is assured here and you will not regret.

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3.  Build Your Website in Your Own Domain

As a newbie, I experienced registering my domain name before creating my website and thinking of what would be my niche. 

After I have purchased my domain name and have created my website I was forced to write posts to jibe my website and domain which may not necessarily address a particular group of people but it’s too broad.

Creation of a website and a domain name must come after the identification of interest, a keyword, or a niche. 

A website identity can be changed after realizing a better option but domain ones registered will be forever.

After you have seriously considered all the things and decide on the creation of your website and domain go now and create. Hopefully, what you have chosen is what you are happy with and will lead you to a lucrative online business.

4.  Website Building Tools

1.  Keyword and Niche Research Tool
Keyword and Niche Research Tools are tools to help you see the average number of searches the keyword receives per month (Avg), visits to your website if you achieve first pages rankings in the search engines (Traffic), quoted search results: the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword (QSR), keyword quality indicator: Green is good, Yellow is OK, red is poor (KQI), availability of domains that are related to the keyword (Domains).

No other research tool that can provide you this other than the Jaaxy owned by Wealthy Affiliate.

2.  Create Your Website with Free Builders

When you plan to start your business online but you are not sure of the package plans you start with the free builders.  This is to give you the benefit of orienting yourself with the price offers and the features of the tools you are going to buy if ever you decide.

This is also to give you the benefit of the doubt if you are satisfied with your domain before you register.  Once you have registered a domain you can never take it back, you cannot edit and you cannot take the payment you made.

So here are the most identified Free Website Builders you can choose from: How to Start with Free Website Builder


5. Earn Money through Product Promotion

After you have identified your niche, you also identified where to register and host your site, you are now ready to register your website and domain name.

Now is the time for you to fill your site with content by providing and sharing knowledge to your target audience.  As you continue to work on your content you can promote your own product if there are any in the form of an eBook or your products in the real world. If you still don’t have you can promote products from affiliate programs such as Amazon, eBay, Share a Sale, Lazada and many others.

As you do that AdSense will also help you by advertising on your site and you will earn through pay-per-click (PPC).

Thank you for reading this blog and I hope it helped you with your needed information.  If ever you have a question or something you want to be clarified please feel free to shoot them in the comment box below. Rest assured that I’ll get back to you as soon as I read your message.