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SiteRubix My Site Builder

SiteRubix is said to be a technical free website builder which takes you in less than a minute. It keeps website protected from hackers, spammers, malware, and malicious activity that all websites are susceptible to. On the dashboard of Wealthy Affiliate, the SiteRubix is the tool an affiliate member is guided, supported and gain pieces of training. That is the reason why I use SiteRubix as my site builder.


What is SiteRubix?

SiteRubix My Site Builder-The Site Builder
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SiteRubix is a website builder powered by Wealthy Affiliate.  It has six features and they are the

  • Site Manager
  • Site Builder
  • Site Comments
  • Site Feedback
  • Site Support, and
  • Site Domains
  • Site Details

 Let us discuss them one by one.

  • The Site Manager

WA dashboard

In the Site Manager, you will see all your websites.  If you have three websites then it is listed under Site Manager.  

So you can choose what website you are to login going to your WordPress dashboard.  Along with the websites login tab you also have refresh tab,  view tab, comments tab, feedback tab, move tab, and details tab.

You will also see the date displayed when you last backed up your site, the number of your posts, the number of approved comments, pending comments.   You will see if your site is Google Indexed, and in the Site Plus+ you will see the plugins installed.


  • The Site Builder

Site Rubix Features

Here on the Site Builder tab, you are guided to what kind of website you want to build.  Is it on a free domain, on a domain you own, or you are going to register a domain.

1. On the free domain you are guided to fill in the details needed:
Choose a domain name for your website

Enter a domain name like your-website-name and it will become
Enter a title for your website

You can always change your website title later
Choose a design for your website

2. On the domain, you own you fill in the details needed below.
Choose a domain name for your website
Enter a domain name or choose from the list

Enter a title for your website
You can always change your website title later
Choose a design for your website

3. On the Register a domain

You are to choose what domain you will register through the domain search bar either “. com”, “. org”, or “. net”.

You are also given the chance to transfer domains from other registrars to Site Domains at WA. It’s easy, it’s quick, and it allows you to use all of the domain features offered by WA.

<<Transfer a Domain to WA>>
Other Domains

You can point domains registered outside of Wealthy Affiliate to WA Servers and host your websites. To do this update your domain’s DNS at the following


  • The Site Comments

The site comments will show you how comments take place on your website.  There are two tabs for that and these are the “request comment” and the “offer comment”.

Under the request comment, you will see Comment Job History.  These are the Comments that you have received on the websites you own.

And under the offer comment, you will see the comment history.  These are the comments that you have offered on other people’s websites of both approved and the disapproved.


  • The Site Feedback

The site feedback has two tabs, the request and offers feedbacks.  The common thing with site comment and feedback is that you should earn credits first before you can have the chance to offer comment or feedback.

The difference between the two is in comments when it is approved it will be published on the website while the feedback is just within the Wealthy Affiliate community consumption.

A comment is addressing the content or the article solely. Just like when a stranger is visiting your website and places a reaction to your article.  Their purpose is interaction, query, sharing, and solutions between the visitor and the author.

Feedback is addressing the layout, the grammar, the colors, the pictures etc.

This may consist of compliments or criticism on the website, its layout, content, structure or other things they as an administrator are working on…

This is private information between a reader and the website owner and is limited to its purpose of providing help and suggestions from one party to another.


  • The Site Support

This is where Site Support Ticket Submission is available.  You can ask a question on any issues related to your website and to your domain.  If you have multiple websites and domains you can choose from where the issues occur.

Infinite Website Features

Responsive and Mobile Ready!
1000’s of Professional Designs
Features to Extend your Functionality
The World’s Easiest Website Builder


  • Site Details

Under this, you will see the Site Plus+. The description of the images will let you understand why this Site Rubix Website Builder has an advantage over the others. It has the Site Speed, the Site SSL (HTTPS), the Site Protect (Spam Blocker).

SiteRubix My Site Builder-Domain detailsSiteRubix My Site Builder-Domain detailsSiteRubix My Site Builder-Domain details


SiteRubix is competitive with all the powerful site building tools in the world. You will never regret when you are in because you are, with the experts in technology. Keeping your website up and running is something that they handle and it’s something that you will never need to worry about.


SiteRubix My Site Builder-The Site Builder
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3 thoughts on “SiteRubix My Site Builder”

  1. Great article. Building a website without code, sound so easy, almost too easy. Sound like you have succeeded. Suppose that you can still add whatever you want to make the site.
    Certainly seems to be a winner, an opportunity to learn and grow..

  2. Hello Accad,

    Brilliant article on SiteRubix! I have never built a website of my own and knowing Wealthy Affiliate offers a easy way to set up your own website as well as protecting you from attacks really entices me to give it a shot.

    What I really like is how simple the whole process is and based off of your pictures it seems to be very beginner friendly.

    Thank you very much,

    • Hi! Eric,
      There are many Entrepreneurs outside coming and joining Wealthy Affiliate. That’s the reason why I joined here thinking that people who have a five year experience on the internet they still come here and learn. So why not have a try. Here is the link where you go to start venturing with Wealthy Affiliate:


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