Scams and Scammers

You may have encountered scammers and experienced being scammed. Or you may have read them over the internet and newspapers.

I would like to mention the names some of whom I have directly encountered who operates in Get-Rich-Quick Approach.


Check out the list of companies and businesses related to KENNETH J CARRIG. Find out KENNETH J CARRIG address and contact details. View other people related to KENNETH J CARRIG – coworkers, colleagues, companions, etc.


He was formerly connected with Sun Trust Bank Company.  I don’t know if he is still connected this time.


Scams and Scammers-Kenneth J. Craig



Another name who in one way or another in connivance with Kenneth Carrig is  Aleem Gillani  (Chief Financial Officer) of Sun Trust Bank.

Scams and Scammers-Aleem Gillani




Scams and Scammers-Christopher Leonard

His name is Christopher Leonard but I doubt this is his real name.  He scams in social media like Facebook.

Strategies and Tricks of Scammers
Here are the popular approaches the scammers will use to scam you.

They will send you letters or notices through emails or facebook.  The content of their letters powerfully catches attention through unusual offer like this:

♦ “Notification of your Award winning prize on free Online Promo of the year 2016 worth $2 million.”

♦”I want you to apply as the beneficiary of the deceased to claim the deposit from our bank”

I wanted to know the truth and so I went through all the things they required.  I have provided them my IDs, bank account number, telephone number.  I responded to all their letters and followed exactly the procedures.

Did you know?  They really can call you.  My sister has experienced it by having notified of an award-winning prize.  They talked to her.

At the end, they will ask a processing fee in order for them to work on some important papers and for the release of the amount they promised.

This is how the world is infested with people who only think for the benefit of themselves and exploit other people of their own hard earned money.

So at this point, you won’t doubt that this is a scam.  Anything regarding money whether it be an award-winning prize or a beneficiary claim, if these are true should be totally free and nothing to be paid before they can release you something good.

The promise comes from them, and the thing whatever that is comes from them whether it be a promo or in goodwill must be given for free.

Get Rid and Weed Out Scammers
We don’t only want to know them, their organizations and schemes but we want them to cease from their bad influence.  If possible we want them to be punished for their unlawful acts.

So what shall we do?



If you happen to meet someone like them, don’t just ignore.  Play with them skillfully so you take their identity details which include their name, residence, their place of work, company, their position, and to whom they are connected with but don’t fall for their trick.  If possible discover if they are using their own pictures or not.

One easy way to know them is to look into their details on Facebook, LinkedIn, Tweeter, and Google.  Usually, a scammer hides her/his personal details and use another person’s identity but at least you can have some information about them.

If you rarely find details about them that means they are scammers.

Like what I am doing now.  I do have read a list of online scammers online but what I have given as examples are new.  I have just encountered them a few months ago.

But I am brave enough to do this because I have my evidence which includes letters through emails, documents they provided to convince somebody that such they are doing is legit.

I would say, some institutions being used are legit but it would be good to expose those people who are shamelessly destroying the image of a reputable institution.

Scams and scammers are a menace to the society and they should be rid out, be punished by the law.   Cleanse our society from illegal and corrupt acts so we can enjoy life better in the midst of scarcity and poverty.



4 thoughts on “Scams and Scammers

  1. Lorenz Valdez

    Wealthy Affiliate has definitely changed my life. I went from being unranked to ranking 99 today in just about 4 months. I love to blog and found my passion to write on here. Aloha for the great review. I wish you all the best in your success! Great site! You will attract a lot of people to your site. Make sure you have your sales funnels ready!

    1. Jimmy

      LOL, thanks Lorenz, do you think I have created it or I still have to create it? Truly, I will just continue to put in content hopefully the funnel bends on my side.

  2. wilkins

    This is very informative and preventing and i really appreciate that i was able to find the website, i have been object of scammers in the past and in this world people are always finding new ways to rip you off i really thank you for the post and the dedicated time to put it all together

    1. Jimmy

      Thanks Wilkins, I have to be brave because I am a victim, it’s good I haven’t release any amount. They are real people of dignified institutions operating in emails and facebook approaching anyone offering something too good to be true.

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