Reasons Why I Choose Wealthy Affiliate

Three reasons why I choose Wealthy Affiliate and want to stick with it.

After reading some reviews of both against and in favor of Wealthy Affiliate in the online I have convinced myself that Wealthy Affiliate University is legit.  A bogus site can never stay as long as ten years with growth and continuously improving the community. It has immensely changed and improved the lives of many that stayed with the Online University Courses and Trainings. Upon consummation of Free Membership, I upgraded to Premium Membership.

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I clearly understand that in Wealthy Affiliate there is no “get rich quick scheme”. There is no system that when you activate it you will just wait for the generation of money.  But there is one but a system that everyone must know in the online world, it is the system of content making and affiliate marketing. Even with just your content and no affiliate programs you can earn as your site matures.  With only Google as your partner all over the existence of your website, your earnings will increase as time goes on.  A site without content will never be trusted by Search Engines and they do not want to place Ads in it.  

Many of Wealthy Affiliate members have attained success financially. From scratch to being millionaires is a living testimony to everyone and a challenge for those who are deciding to join and become affiliate members.

I would like to impress upon everyone who comes across and read a particular part of this site:, that with Wealthy Affiliate University you will gain knowledge, you can build your own business, and attain financial success.

Developments that led me before choosing Wealthy Affiliate.

I’ve read something about a review on Wealthy Affiliate and I got curious. I tried to see then what Wealthy Affiliate is and started the Free Starter membership.

I found it so grueling because I cannot just easily follow the instructions because I’m a technology idiot. However, I tried my best to stay until I finally leveled up to Premium Membership.

However, I was not able to renew it due to financial constraint during those moments.

After three years of groping in the dark, haven’t found any internet like Wealthy Affiliate as I have experienced. So I came back.

Much of the internet scams are all that I encountered and the more I’ve been heavily laden because all that they say is buy my system and you will become rich immediately even without doing anything.

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I would like to instill in your minds again the three points we’ve just discussed, Wealthy Affiliate is a legit, not a scam.  It does not believe in getting rich quick scheme, and the lives of its members are authentic witnesses that the courses and pieces of training are effective tools for success.

Don’t waste your money and time with the scammers that only lure you with unrealistic promises.  


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10 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Choose Wealthy Affiliate

  1. Sherry Lynn Lindblad

    I love your site great information and i agree with you and you just have to quite being a scardy cat and just do it!

    1. Accad

      Thanks, Sherry Lynn. Yeah, I don’t need to exclaim I just need to follow what I think is right for me. Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform for online business.

  2. You Know

    Wealthy Affiliate is full of nothing but lies!
    You are getting ripped off, don’t you realize that…Damn I feel sorry for you.
    Man… I truly hope you get wise to their BS! They also have you pay for a year’s membership after you are paying monthly, by sending you email after email, and than after 3 months, they revoke your privileges, so you pay for a year to get only 3 months, unless you are making BIG money for the company, they might let you stay on! That’s why they have the NO refund policy! They promote bullying by allowing it to happen, they don’t respond back, even when you ask them nicely to put a stop to the person cyber bullying! They use a little spam button the bully or anyone can use to click on 10 times on comments or posts if they don’t like you or a post or comment, even if it’s NOT spam! A button does the work for them! All you need is 10 spam clicks, according to Carson one of the owners, and your privileges are revoked! Than they don’t email you back so you can find out why! They are under investigation at the moment, so just a friendly warning!

    1. admin

      I should not reply to this comment and just click spam but I would like you to show better Online Entrepreneur Certification Course and Bootcamp with affordable price. Besides, if Wealthy Affiliate is just a lie and not to be trusted by Search Engines it should have been banned by any of them. This time Wealthy Affiliate is a Domain Registrar and a Web Host that offers one of the best services around the internet.

      I’m not an expert but I know there is no system that will give you an easy way to generate money as always being advertised by the scammers and Wealthy Affiliate is honest enough in teaching to all its learners or students to work hard applying all the lessons there in its online university.

  3. Warren

    Jimmy, the most important reason you list, to me, is that Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme. I’ve seen enough of those to know. Wealthy Affiliate takes work and if someone is not willing to put in the work with all its ups and downs, then it’s time to close the laptop and walk away.

  4. Carol Burns

    I found your site uncomplicated and very easy to navigate and showed individuality from someone who has experience in this area of online business. It was concise and relevant to the subject. You are helping people to avoid scams and to start their business in the correct way.
    I hope for the success of your website by helping many to start their own online businesses and save them any dramas!

    1. admin

      Thank you, Carol, for your good impression of my short discussion. As I would like it to make it longer it is just the same I just made it simple for my readers and get directly to the point I want to say. We wanted everyone who aspires on the online world not to be led by so many deceiving words and images.

      I do hope you succeed in your venture in the online entrepreneurship so you can spread the truth about Wealthy Affiliate which is a good community to be with offering the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course and BootCamp Trainings.

  5. Sethu

    Well written! Those are the reason why I chose WA as well. Considering all the quality training and support that WA offers with a reasonable monthly price and even less yearly payment, Wealthy Affiliate is second to none.

    I’ve seen many get into online business and run straight into fake deals which offers “get quick rich scheme”. I hope your article helps them to start their online business in the legit way possible.

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