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Proven Core Steps to a successful Affiliate Marketing

The proven core steps to a successful affiliate marketing are the basic things that lay the foundation and success of an online business.

Anyone who wants to start a business online is going to be employing the following 4 core steps to online marketing success.  Wealthy Affiliate has identified this as a 4 step process broken down within the Walk-through-video.  But before you go to the Walk-through-Video let us first discuss what are these four core steps.   How to Create an Online Business – The 4 Steps


Step 1: Choose an Interest

This is the thing which arouses your attention, your curiosity and which you give importance of your time and effort. Some examples are photography, gardening, home decor, architecture, design, technology or quotes not to mention others.

Maybe your interest represents the interest of a million people who go online daily for search so they will find answers before they decide to pursue on buying or owning a thing.

This interest you have chosen will be the niche of your site.  Let’s say, if you choose photography this can be broken down into small and more specific details like Animal photography.  You can even be more particular of what animal you are going to invest your effort and time for the search.  Narrowed down to wild animal photography, this can be a little bit broad so you have to take your camera with you and try to look for not a just wild animal but a tarsier.

So tarsier is just one of the species of wild animals you will be looking into the jungles.  All other animals will just be an adjunct to your main purpose.

This is what a niche is, your interest.  You can now write facts and myths about all tarsiers.



Step 2: Build Your Website

What is a website?


A website is defined as a collection of related web pages, including multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server. A website may be accessible via a public Internet Protocol (IP) network, such as the Internet, or a private local area network (LAN), by referencing a uniform resource locator (URL) that identifies the site.

Building a website is building it with content articles related to the website identity.  It is just like having a discussion of a topic.  People engaged in the discussion should only talk about the topic.  If your website is about love, the content in texts and images should deepen the meaning and understanding of love.  However, it should not be restricted but it is broad enough.


Website in a domain name

If you intend to have your online business you have to have it in a domain name. When people search for your website they go to the address of that website and that is the domain.

As you can see here these are the endings of a domain name after the dot.  For example  this is the most common having the .com.


In the picture you can see the net, org, it, info, net, biz, and others.  it’s up to you to have your own choice which you will use.

I suggest before you create a website and register a domain name you have to identify first your niche.  it is better to have your niche as the name of your website which will be covered by your domain name that should not be other than the name of your website.

It’s easier for people to type your domain name and your website displays or either.   This is the thing I regret in two counts of registering my domain name without having my niche identified first.

Here is the training related to niche and building website


Step 3: Get rankings in search engines (leads to traffic)

This should not be usually a great concern of the site owner because this is the business of Google.  But what thing would Google consider on your site to get rank?

The first and foremost for business online to thrive is to have relevant content. This is the very reason why people like to visit your site.  No matter you have a link-worthy site if you don’t have the content people will not visit your site for the second time around if they don’t find what they are looking for.

One important thing to do on site maintaining is updating.  Maybe it’s not just pressing update button but to regularly add information that is relevant, theme and multimedia if possible.


Step 4: Earn $$$ from your traffic

A heavy traffic on the road is a problem of every community because it hinders anyone to be on their work at the specified time and it slows down the economic income of a country.

However, a heavy the traffic in online business is very much needed.  Why?  This means that your site is being loved by the people.  When you see they frequent your site it means they are benefiting from your content.  The more you are inspired to create more content and provide a wide range of opportunity for everyone.

Remember, your web traffic doesn’t consist only of people who are seeking for things to buy but they are also experts in online business which you can benefit from.  Consider knowing their online businesses and leverage also their site.

In closing, I would say it is very important to have all the four ingredients in an affiliate marketing more so if you are opting for a long-term online business.  An interest or a niche is a group of people as a target, a website as your own home, a domain name where you will establish your website serving as the foundation.  With these, you will surely earn an income not for a fly-by-night project but for a long time in your life.

Under are the Lessons Included (click here to see the video)

Lesson 1 Getting Rolling

Lesson 2 Understanding How to Make Money Online

Lesson 3 Choose a Niche

Lesson 4 Building Your Own Website

Lesson 5 Setting Up Your Website

Lesson 6 Getting Your Site Ready for SEO

Lesson 7 Finding Content Ideas from Keywords

Lesson 8 Understanding Website Pages & Creating Your…

Lesson 9 Creating Quality Website Content

Lesson 10 Congratulations and Your Next Steps


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Thank you for reading this post.  If you happen to have a question please drop them below in the comment box or in my email address:, and I am more than willing to get back to you as soon as I read your message.



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  1. Hi, I have been involved with some different affiliate training programs over the years and to be honest wasted a lot of $$$ in the process. I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliates whilst looking for a review on a different training platform.

    I have to say it’s a great place to start and the support is awesome.

    I enjoyed reading post and it describes the process of getting started really well.

    How long have you been involved in affiliate marketing and can you make good money from it?

    • Hi, Daniel.  I’m delighted to know that you saved yourself from scams by being with Wealthy Affiliate.  The points I stressed are basic and universal processes in affiliate marketing.

      I hope we can connect next time and share our experiences in affiliate marketing.

  2. Hi Patrick! Thank you for your comment. I think you you have seen the truth about Wealthy Affiliate which made me love after so much being skeptical.
    To tell you the fact, there are a number of scammers but I don’t know they are, until I’ve learned about Wealthy Affiliate which help me realize that they are such scammers and they do scam people.

    Your observation and suggestions are highly considered.

  3. Your post title is engaging but makes me wonder whether you actually love wealthy affiliate or it took you a while to learn to love it. Since I’m familiar with Wealthy Affiliate, may I suggest you use the video as a tease and place it at the end of the post so the reader looks forward to knowing it’s coming. So many of us are audio/visual learners that it might help keep their attention through the text. I liked the images and the clean format. I think you did a nice job summarizing the necessary components as there is so much detail involved. Peaks the reader’s interest to go to Wealthy Affiliates and check it out. Thanks for your post.

  4. I just came across your blog while surfing the net, Wealthy Affiliate University seems interesting. I think it’s great that you can choose your own interest and build a successful business from it. How long have you been a member of Wealthy Affiliate? Is there anything that dislike about Wealthy Affiliate?

    • If you are looking for a host for your domain and website, Wealthy Affiliate is best for you. I am an internet newbie and I learned a lot here at Wealthy Affiliate. Many have been successful here and I am one of them in a certain level.


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