Offline Affiliate Marketer Father

I can still remember he was an offline affiliate marketer father, in his early years, in the rural remote areas.


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My father’s Business all about

There was no internet during those times, especially that our own community was a secluded place.  Information is gathered through words of mouth.  So a marketer has to go from community to community and house to house to inquire, to see and to negotiate.

So this is what he did.  He bought and sold draft animals such as cows, and carabaos, native hogs, and domestic fouls from different neighboring places. I could imagine how he managed to walk on the trails with the animals before him except for the caged fouls.  Yes, he did not carry those hogs, cows, and carabaos on his shoulders but they both walked and traveled kilometers down and up the mountain ravines.


My father’s Strategy

During those times there was no weighing scale in the rural areas where people lived. Their measuring materials depend on what items they are for negotiation. When it’s salt, rice, beans or any grains they used empty cans of different shapes. When it’s live animals they just calculate the weight and size and agree on a price.

My father has to have a knowledge of who is in need of the animals he has to buy. The marketplace is not in a place where people frequent but on occasions such as Thanksgiving, Kanyao (a cultural celebration).  It’s just through information that there are available animals for sale in that location for any purpose.  You can abreast yourself of how informal we are when it comes to wedding celebrations.  Please click the link below:

An informal gracing of Igorot wedding


My father’s Effort and Gains

I can say that it was not easy because in the first place it was not so sure if there are immediate people who need what had been bought.  I see there’s a little risk because not at the moment the animal products are being disposed.  It has to take some time to have matters in due time.   What happens when nobody buys a hog in live-weight it has to be left until it grows more mature or it could be butchered so it would not consume much.

Gains could range least from 15 pesos,  200 pesos, to 1,000 pesos per head.  Those were from fouls, hogs, and then draft animals respectively.


Offline and Online Commonalities

First, there is a product to be sold.  This is the thing that people need and has to be addressed.

Second, there are affiliatesThis is the middleman, a somebody attached to both parties and does the negotiation or takes it by himself the initiative in the disposal of a product.

The source and the recipient of the product The source is the original owner or the producer, and the recipient is the consumer whom the affiliate, which was my father, delivers the product for consumption.

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Ending the story, I have to say that my father has been a successful offline affiliate marketer for the family which helped in our living during that period of time.

Comparing it to today’s situation, the online business is very much easier to handle for the products do not necessarily pass to the affiliate’s hands and the negotiation takes over the internet or on the online.

The good thing for both businesses is it really helps in the alleviation of the family’s economic difficulty.  Just take what is appropriate for you as individuals and a business spirited person.  But for me, it is very much less complicated if you take the online venture.

The question now is, having read this article you may want to become an online affiliate marketer but you are a newbie.  Don’t worry everything has a solution in this world.

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