Non-woven Wardrobe with 2 pieces Zipper

I am sure every individual is interested in wardrobes where we could safely and artistically place our clothing.  Some of the reasons are that it offers orderly aesthetic sense and space occupation minimization inside a dwelling. However, I would like to ask you a question, what considerations do you count in acquiring such a wardrobe?

Before we will go to that I would like to show you images that would prepare your mind why we are into this particular thing and discussion.

We bought this in June 2018 and it did not last long. This is the reason why I am posting this so that people may know what not to buy before they decide to invest their hard-earned money.

Here are the product details:

PRODUCT: Do it Non-woven wardrobe with 2pcs zipper

PRODUCER: Made in China for Do it Best Corp., Fort Wayne, IN 46801 USA

PRODUCT SIZE: Non-woven Wardrobe 2pc Zip Size: 160CM (height) x 45 CM (depth) x 70CM (with) Powder Coating Steel Tubing

PRICE: P800.00


RECOMMENDATION: I will not recommend the same product. I suggest you look for a better one with quality.


The images in red color have been taken from the box that contains the product.

Non-woven Wardrobe with 2 pieces Zipper-boxNon-woven Wardrobe with 2 pieces Zipper-box


This image below is a picture from the company to show how it looks when assembled. Obviously, the color of zippers is white which is different from the real wardrobe we bought.

Non-woven Fabric Materials

It’s not a question of how it is made but the quality of the fabric that is used. Whether it is woven or a non-woven it should last for a longer time. Time is the litmus test for quality material.

This wardrobe as shown below is just a year old to us. Think of it that it’s not being exposed to sunlight and rain, it’s just kept and protected inside the room.

I’m wondering why the company did not think of materials that can last. Let’s say pants worn every day or every other day yet it lasts for years. It’s somewhat things are really commercialized just for gains and not user-friendly.

As you can see on the image below it tells the reality that you can tear the wardrobe effortlessly but I don’t want to do it unless there is a ready replacement.

Mind you, you cannot buy just the wardrobe unless you will buy the whole thing. There’s no replacement for just the cover. So you are going to acquire the whole thing again, the sticks and the steel tubes.


Non-woven Wardrobe with 2 pieces Zipper-non-quality cover Non-woven Wardrobe with 2 pieces Zipper-non-quality cover Non-woven Wardrobe with 2 pieces Zipper-non-quality cover

Wardrobe Material and Quality

In looking for a quality wardrobe that does not collapse very soon we have to think of two aspects. The durability of the sticks or the tubes and the best material cover to ensure it will satisfy our expectation.

•  Heavy-duty, all chromed-steel frame
•  Professionally 100% cotton duck cover
•  Front heavy-duty brass zipper

We wanted a wardrobe constructed of durable and rust-resistant, all-steel chrome if possible, crafted of quality 100% cotton duck which will protect your items from dirt and dust.


I would be happy to recommend the following product.


    1. Keter Space Winner, 5.6″ Tall Utility Cabinet, Gray
Non-woven Wardrobe with 2 pieces Zipper-Keter Space Winner, 56" Tall Utility Cabinet, Gray
I am sure this  Keter Space Winner, 5.6″ Tall Utility Cabinet, Gray is what you are looking for when it comes to durability and quality.
This is shipped to the Philippines unless there are changes in Amazon’s dealings.
This product is shipped to the Philippines.

14 thoughts on “Non-woven Wardrobe with 2 pieces Zipper

  1. Taetske

    Good Morning Accad,

    Seeing the photos of your first wardrobe I can fully understand your disappointment. I certainly would also be disappointed if my wardrobe did not last a year. This is not a product one recommends.

    The blue wardrobe looks nice but I do not find it practical you cannot open it completely.

    From the 3 wardrobes, you can recommend I think I would take the first one as it has adjustable shelves and it looks durable.

    Thank you for this review. It shows that spending a little more money is not a bad idea if you want the product to last for many years.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Accad

      Hi, Taetske. Thank you for your comment and your choice. I’m sure it would help people decide what is best for them. I will never, never buy again products that use the same material and you are right I have to spend more.

  2. John

    Ah, I was really thinking of getting this one because if it’s fairly cheap rice. I’m glad I didn’t bother going for it. Thank you for making this review as with this u can stay away from that wardrobe and check out one of your good recommendation. Your review is well detailed. Thanks.

    1. Accad

      Hi, John. Thank you for coming and leaving a comment. I’m pleased I got ahead of your decision to buy. Yes, do try the better one although it’s much expensive but it lasts long.

  3. Tracy

    This Do it nonwoven wardrobe with 2 zipper actually give me concern on the problems associated with all these kind of substandard quality products. I would rather give my money to a quality product that waste my money on less quality products like this. The suggestions you have given here ate excellent and I will surely check one of them out. Great review! Cheers

    1. Accad

      Hi, Tracy. Thank you for coming into the discussion. I hope you will have good quality if ever you decide to have one for you. Yes, I think one of the choices I presented will satisfy someone if they opt for it. Polypropylene can last long.

  4. Henderson

    Never knew this product was made in china. I have a couple of people make use of that product and I must say it’s not a quality one. It can’t even last for a single year. The fabric as you have said is very bad but it is easy to assemble. It’s good that you can make this review to warn people from using it. Nice written too.

    1. Accad

      Thanks, Henderson. China has greatly infiltrated the whole world with products that are low in quality and I witness that through the products being bought by neighbors from the kitchen utensils, home garden tools, and home appliances. It was no choice for us when we bought this wardrobe because all the available choices there it looks the best.

      But here is the result of the acquisition, it is worth-sharing so anyone would not waste their money.

  5. Willy

    This is a really remarkable review I must confess… I have been searching for a standard wardrobe that I can use and would last longer than I expect. My friend uses this kind of wardrobe you  reviewed and he has been complaining about it. This is more reason I’m here to make more enquiries on getting a standard one. I have seen nice ones and I am grateful for taking your time to put this helpful post together.

    1. Accad

      Thanks, Willy. They say experience is the best teacher so I am happy to share this. It is my hope that our readers find something helpful and they will have a wise decision in the acquisition of their own wardrobes. Find the best material for you and you will not regret. 

  6. Jones

    A wardrobe is like the most important thing that should be in a bedroom according to my girlfriend, so she keeps on changing it as soon as she sees a new one she desires and now she influenced me already. I love having clothes set in a nice wardrobe where I can Make easy selection anytime I’m going to work but I’ve been having problem lately with their quality, but now that I have seen this post and your recommendation, I think I’ll prefer to getting Keter Space Winner, 5.6″ Tall Utility Cabinet, do me and my girlfriend. Thanks to this post, it’s really lovely.

    1. Accad

      Hi, Jones. Your girlfriend is right and I’m sure you would agree with her. Since your girlfriend changes your wardrobes as often maybe you can now differentiate things from all of what you’ve acquired and you can see what is best for you. From my recommendations, I think I would prefer the first one made of polypropylene material, I’m sure it would last long.

      Thank you for joining the discussion.

  7. RoDarrick

    Hello Accad, thanks for reviewing this product. Do-it non woven wardrobe  with 2 pieces zipper is not a great product in any way going by what I have seen in this post and the fact that it got torn and wornout within a very limited time. To be honest, I was planning on getting one of these wardrobes but thankfully, I could see that it is of a very low quality and not worth considering. Thanks so much for reviewing this product. The suggestions you made are great too. Thanks

    1. Accad

      Yes, RoDarrick. I’m thankful that I’ve got ahead of your decision to acquire one. Of the three recommendations I presented, I think the first one is the first choice. You can have also your own choice whenever you are in the market. However, if you acquire it through online shopping then it would be best to browse all the products available online.

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