Non-woven Wardrobe with 2 pieces Zipper

I am sure every individual is interested in wardrobes where we could safely and artistically place our clothing.  Some of the reasons are that it offers orderly aesthetic sense and space occupation minimization inside a dwelling. However, I would like to ask you a question, what considerations do you count in acquiring such a wardrobe?

Before we will go to that I would like to show you images that would prepare your mind why we are into this particular thing and discussion.

We bought this in June 2018 and it did not last long. This is the reason why I am posting this so that people may know what not to buy before they decide to invest their hard-earned money.

Here are the product details:

PRODUCT: Do it Non-woven wardrobe with 2pcs zipper

PRODUCER: Made in China for Do it Best Corp., Fort Wayne, IN 46801 USA

PRODUCT SIZE: Non-woven Wardrobe 2pc Zip Size: 160CM (height) x 45 CM (depth) x 70CM (with) Powder Coating Steel Tubing

PRICE: P800.00


RECOMMENDATION: I will not recommend the same product. I suggest you look for a better one with quality.


The images in red color have been taken from the box that contains the product.

Non-woven Wardrobe with 2 pieces Zipper-boxNon-woven Wardrobe with 2 pieces Zipper-box


This image below is a picture from the company to show how it looks when assembled. Obviously, the color of zippers is white which is different from the real wardrobe we bought.

Non-woven Fabric Materials

It’s not a question of how it is made but the quality of the fabric that is used. Whether it is woven or a non-woven it should last for a longer time. Time is the litmus test for quality material.

This wardrobe as shown below is just a year old to us. Think of it that it’s not being exposed to sunlight and rain, it’s just kept and protected inside the room.

I’m wondering why the company did not think of materials that can last. Let’s say pants worn every day or every other day yet it lasts for years. It’s somewhat things are really commercialized just for gains and not user-friendly.

As you can see on the image below it tells of the reality that you can tear the wardrobe effortlessly but I don’t want to do it unless there is a ready replacement.

Mind you, you cannot buy just the wardrobe unless you will buy the whole thing. There’s no replacement for just the cover. So you are going to acquire the whole thing again, the sticks and the steel tubes.


Non-woven Wardrobe with 2 pieces Zipper-non-quality coverNon-woven Wardrobe with 2 pieces Zipper-non-quality coverNon-woven Wardrobe with 2 pieces Zipper-non-quality cover

Wardrobe Material and Quality

In looking for a quality wardrobe that does not collapse very soon we have to think of two aspects. The durability of the sticks or the tubes and the best material cover to ensure it will satisfy our expectation.

•  Heavy-duty, all chromed-steel frame
•  Professionally 100% cotton duck cover
•  Front heavy-duty brass zipper

We wanted a wardrobe constructed of durable and rust-resistant, all-steel chrome if possible, crafted of quality 100% cotton duck which will protect your items from dirt and dust.





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