Identifying and Creating your Niche

Welcome to the discussion about identifying and creating your niche!

The purpose of identifying and creating your niche is to target and offer solutions to the problems of people belonging to that niche.

Before you create a niche you need to identify it.  And once you identified it you target that group to have them done or solved their problems.

In the simplest way I can I will explain how to identify and create a niche.  I would compare this process of identification and creation of a niche in harvesting eggs from the poultry house.

Niche 1:  Let’s say you or a farmer owns a poultry farm.

Identifying niche for chicken eggs

You are going to group and separate the same egg sizes and identify them as small, regular, big and extra big.  Each group is a niche because you are identifying groups of people who can buy the small ones, people who can buy the regular ones and so on and so forth.

Niche for chicken eggs–

Chicken Eggs for Sale
Small eggs
Regular eggs
Big eggs

Niche 2:  Toyota L engine valve clearance adjustment

Let us help people having the problem of adjusting their car engine valve clearances.   Instead, they go to the technician or mechanic they do it by themselves. 

Niche for Toyota L Engine Valve Clearance

Toyota  cars                                                       General/broad
Toyota L Series cars                                          Smaller
Toyota L Series car engines                              Even smaller

Toyota L car engine, this is even smaller because L engine is the first of all Toyota L car engine series.

Toyota L engine valve clearance, you made it even smaller and more particularly because you don’t center on the whole L engine but only to the valves.

This is now the niche because you identified what to do and what you want people to do wherein you will offer your help.  You want them to learn how to adjust valve clearance by themselves.

With this niche, you can now include other discussions on other concerns regarding how to change valve clearances and many others with regards to Toyota L.                                            

Niche 3:  Right food for Lion

On this example we are going to show to people what lions’ food is all about in that case when they feed their pets they would know what to choose for their animal.

Wild Animals                                                        General/broad
Big cats                                                                 Smaller but still broad
Lions                                                                     Smaller but still broad

Lions’ food, this can be the niche so you are to inform the target people who are interested to know about the lions’ food.

Identifying niche on lion's food

With this niche, you can include other concerns regarding lions as a big cat.

Both of these niches are just your site front but you can add anything related to each.  The reason why you have that particular concern is to be easily identified by your target group.

I hope I have helped you in this simple way of illustrating and conveying what I mean with regards to identifying and creating your niche which is very important when you want to more specific rather than having an authority site but general.

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Thank you for reading and if you have any questions about this subject please feel free to shoot them in the comment box below or in my email address:, and I get back to you as soon as I read your message.


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9 thoughts on “Identifying and Creating your Niche

  1. David Bishop

    When starting on the Internet I wanted to build a website around a product or a niche as you make call it. I went ahead and by doing it the wrong way by just targeting Health.

    After ready your article I see why I was not making sales. My target was broad and not specific as you mention.

    The example of the Toyota cars really open my eyes and brought some light to the mistakes that I was making. This article needs to be shared with the newbies that are starting out in business, cause I can see them making the same mistakes I did.

    If you want a newbie to go to get all the training to make sure that they stay on the right track when choosing a niche, where is the place would you suggest? Thank you in advance.


    1. Accad

      Thank you David for leaving a comment here. I hope, as you said, that it will help newbies in the internet so they will not commit the same mistakes we have made.

  2. Sethu

    A nice informative article for niche sites. Well done!
    When I was starting out, I find it hard to choose a niche. I usually fall flat through the keyword research part and ended up picking wrong niches. With the knowledge I’ve acquired through WA, I overcame those faults.

    I think this post is a good asset for all the beginners while searching a niche. In your opinion, which is the ideal niche to go for – one with high competition or low competition?

    1. Dolo

      Thank you, Sethu for dropping your comment and I’m lucky because you did not skip my post. I have tried to explain what niche is in my own way which I think it’s simple for my audience to understand it.  In fact, I have learned this from WA lessons and so I’m thankful for Wealthy Affiliate University.

      I would like to take a niche with low competition on Google search.  For example, if I take niche with the high competition of million searches it would be difficult for me to rank because there are many choices for the audience.

  3. Jeremy Hood

    Thanks for these great tips on finding a niche. I need to show this to my friend who is considering starting a website.

    How small is too small for a niche? I just worry if you go to deep into a niche you would limit yourself in other opportunities.

    Also, do you do research on affiliate programs within a niche before deciding to build a site?

    1. Dolo

      Thank you Jeremy.

      Having a niche will not limit you to have other opportunities. In my examples, you just want people to go directly to what they want to see in your site but they can also see some other stuffs that you included related within your niche.

      Lion’s food is just your front but you can talk all about lions with different interests in food if ever there are. However, it is off tangent to talk about big cats.

      Secondly, your niche is your target group which your interest is centered. Affiliate programs can help boost your niche and it can be a source of other income through their products. But you can start a niche site without having first visited a website. So my answer is both yes and no.

    2. Dolo

      Hello! Jeremy,
      I’m very sorry for not being able to respond to you immediately. It’s only this time I’ve noticed I have not answer your query. Yes, to the very least there is a mini niche wherein you are centered only to one product and that is all. But there are niches where you can develop your site as an authority site covering the broader ones.

      If your intention is to promote a certain product you are inclined to, and that must be related to your own niche, research can help you look into the possibilities concerning that product. But basically, in building a site starts from your own very own niche, your own interest which you think it is the interest of your particular target audience.

  4. A Habil

    Hi there, thank you for sharing these tips.
    May I ask you though, do you think it is better to pursue a niche that I dont like but with a very competitive market or a niche that I like and have a lot of idea but the niche itself has a very low prospect.

    This is a dillema that I think most people will have when starting out a new website.


    1. Dolo

      I don’t know how you measure target prospects. Is it based on the plenitude of articles you find in the internet or is it a conjecture? It is good to use keyword tools but these are just instruments to show you the possibility of a certain niche but what will happen outside those measuring tools are things unknown to it.

      I think, if it is your interest you will always find a way to have information supplied through your diligence. On the other side you will learn to love something if you hurdle the challenges that seem to be difficult but actually you’ve found it easily done.

      I was so skeptic with Wealthy Affiliate before but when I’ve learned of the lives of people who have trusted it and invested their time and money, I’ve learned to love it until this time. It was then a bit difficult to write because there are a lot of ideas about WA but I am now gradually evolving my site into something that I think it will pay off in the future.

      I know you know what you do, just believe in what you think.

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