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I Learned to Love Wealthy Affiliate University

There are a lot of legit online universities and you can choose where to spend your time, your membership and your online education, and eventually your online business. Wealthy Affiliate University is just one of them.

I learned to love Wealthy Affiliate University because I’ve proven the fact that it has made thousands of people succeed in their life in the online venture.  And this is a result of my endeavor to know what is legit online and I found out I have not landed in the wrong place. 

What does it offer? A quality online entrepreneur certification course and pieces of training on the Affiliate Bootcamp.  It is the cheapest Online University compared to other legit Online Universities. 

Let’s see it down below what package at an affordable price.

I Learned to Love Wealthy Affiliate University

I.  University education

A.  Is composed of Free Starter Membership that lasts for seven days.  You will not pay anything for this stage and you will be having the following opportunities:

Live Chat
Personal blog
2 websites and hosting Starter training
30 keywords per month

B.  Wealthy Affiliate Premium Program offers
Live Chat

Personal blog
Unlimited domain websites and web hosting
Premium Training courses 2 through to 6
Unlimited keyword searches
Keyword lists and unlimited keyword searches
4 live video training/month
Expert forum
Video and blog database
7 days per week personal support

II.  Website and domain hosting

Did you know that Wealthy Affiliate is the cheapest website and domain host?  Yes, you’ve read it right, search on the internet if you can see any program hosting that can match Wealthy Affiliate.

The following are everything you need is included in the package:
Full access to emails.
Full privacy and domain protect.
Full email accounts included with each domain purchase.
You don’t have to worry about being sold on various upsells or being charged more in subsequent years like other domain registrars.

  • With Site Domains you have everything included all in one place…at ONE price.

This is included with EVERY single domain.

Buying a domain from outside Wealthy Affiliate can be cheaper but it does not include the things mentioned above. They cost an additional amount and the yearly subscription is much higher than what is offered here as you see in the illustration.

I Learned to Love Wealthy Affiliate University-call to action
If you come to Wealthy Affiliate you will never regret rather you will enjoy the comprehensive and intensive course and pieces of training.  So I have the confidence to invite everyone to start your education and business with Wealthy Affiliate
here. The Wealthy Affiliate Online University is packed with a quality education through its Online Entrepreneur Certification Course and Bootcamp Trainings.  Not only that if you host your website with Wealthy Affiliate it’s the cheapest Web Host among the legit trusted internet business companies with only $49 per month and a domain with only $13 per year.

I hope to see you inside Wealthy Affiliate starting your free account and enjoying the education and community support.


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4 thoughts on “I Learned to Love Wealthy Affiliate University”

  1. Internet is full of scams, and it’s really hard to find something real. Wealthy affiliate is probably the best way to make money online, plus i really love the training program, there are many lessons that can everyone. Even if you are completely new to internet marketing, you can learn everything with the help of wealthy affiliate.

    • You are right Donny.  Besides the courses and pieces of training available there are no upsell you just pay monthly premium membership and you can run as many as 50 websites with no additional cost except the payment for every added domain.

  2. Wow!
    I learned to love them too!
    Why??? Because they added so much value to my life, they straightened out the path for me to succeed online, with providing training philosophical technical and more.
    They provide my hosting services for my sites without an extra charge, and actually everything I need for my online business is taken care of in Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Thanks for the affirmation of the truth we are hunting in here. Everyone like you can share the testimonies around the world so you will help save somebody from scams.


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