Google Search Engine For What?

What is Google?

Have you heard the saying, you google it? I have heard it and I’m confused about it. Now I have a clear understanding when they say, please google it, you google it, it means I am going to search for information about someone or something on the Internet.

What do I use to google about something or someone on the Internet?

Because I’ve been hearing about Google it must be a good place on the internet. So it brings me to another understanding of the word Google. It’s not only a word of action or a verb but it’s a proper noun. It’s really a place to go, to hang, find something. And then I came to know that Google is a search engine.

What is Google Search Engine?

What is Google Search Engine for-Google Search Engine

Google is an American company that is most commonly known as a search engine. … The cloud unit of the company is called Google Cloud, which contains things like G-Suite, the company’s productivity applications like Gmail and Google Drive. 

Google search engine is a search tool you use to access whatever is on the internet. It indexes millions of sites on the Web. It locates relevant Web sites containing keywords

Search Engine Defined

Drawing the meaning from the phrase, search engine, I thought this must be a machine designed for searching. It has the capacity, the power to find even the difficult ones, or the hidden ones, and everything on the internet.

In fact, it is a digital machine but what is this machine for? Is this intended only for searching and it has nothing to do with texts, multimedia uploaded on the internet?

When we talk of search engines, they are search tools you use to access whatever is on the internet.

Google, Excite, Lycos, AltaVista, Infoseek, and Yahoo are all search engines. They index millions of sites on the Web so that Web surfers like you and me can easily find Web sites with the information we want.

By creating indexes, or large databases of Web sites (based on titles, keywords, and the text in the pages), search engines can locate relevant Web sites when users enter search terms or phrases.

What are Search Engines For?

What is Google Search Engine For-What is a search engine?

Indexing in Databases

Indexing is a way to optimize the performance of a database by minimizing the number of disk accesses required when a query is processed. It is a data structure technique that is used to quickly locate and access the data in a database.

Indexes are created using a few database columns.

  • The first column is the Search key that contains a copy of the primary key or candidate key of the table. These values are stored in sorted order so that the corresponding data can be accessed quickly.
    Note: The data may or may not be stored in sorted order.
  • The second column is the Data Reference or Pointer which contains a set of pointers holding the address of the disk block where that particular key value can be found.

What Do People Look for in Search Engines?

People will not just go on the internet without something in mind. We usually open the internet because there is something we wanted to look for. That very important thing we are searching for is what we call “keywords”. These keywords are stored in the Search Engines and when you type on that keyword it will open up for you.

What do Search Engines do for people online?

Search Engines will provide every individual with the keywords they are searching for. Keywords are so plenty, they may be the definition of terms, personalities, things people want to buy, companies they want to connect with, events they want to watch, news they wanted to be abreast with, and so on. Everything you wanted to know about is stored in search engines for ready use.

If it happens that what you are searching on the internet is not available, maybe it’s time for you to add by publishing it through your website.  So whatever post containing a keyword you publish it will be added to the search engines ready to be looked into by other people.

If you are looking for websites like Affiliate Marketing on the web, Computer Specifications guide, My dream wheels, and others you will easily find them. The reason is that when you created your domains and website and you published them they are stored in the search engines and unless you delete them for any reason they will stay forever on the web and they are open to anyone that may intentionally type or accidentally found it because they are searching for a keyword it happens to be found on your websites.

6 thoughts on “Google Search Engine For What?

  1. AmandaParson

    Keywords are very important when using a search engine. Though, there are hundreds of search engines out there, the most popular one which is also my personal favourite is Google. When using Google, I tend to use “and” and “or” when searching for multiple times at a go so as to get the right results. The suggestions displayed as I enter the text also makes my search quicker as most times, the thing I want to access is displayed in the drop-down list. 

    1. Accad

      That’s right, Amanda. Google Search Engine is one of the three popular ones which include Yahoo, and Bing. Here in my country, Google is the most used search engine although Yahoo is second.

  2. Strahinja

    Thank you for this guide. It really helped me with understanding why my posts are ranked the way they are ranked. Google has many different ranking factors and search engines are picking on them in order to rank your content depending on the level of following these ranking factors, and the quality of your content as well.

    I will bookmark your website for future posts.


    1. Accad

      When posts are indexed by Search Engines meaning the posts are documents opened and ready to be served to the people who are searching. If a post is not indexed you will never find it in search engines and there is nothing to be ranked.

      Thank you for leaving a comment and I hope you will come again on this site.

  3. Purdey

    Hello! Thank you very much for this explanation on search engines. Your way of depicting complicated things is perfect. I knew very little about search engines, I feel more confident now that I have read your post about it. I would be very happy to read an article from you on Google Analytics, for instance. Thank you.

    1. Accad

      Thank you, Purdey, for your appreciation of what I’ve done. I hope this can help others too in their understanding of Google Search Engine.

      I hope you’ll come back to my site for your reading.

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