Google AdSense For Your Business

Anyone who starts a business in the online world cannot escape from Google Search Engine, it is the first to index a website post and offers advertisements through Adsense for free so you start earning.

This is my tenth month in the development of my site and I failed wrestling with having affiliate programs from Amazon, ClickBank, Commission Junction, and others.

The first that approved my application is Google AdSense.  Although not immediate at least it’s the first one that boosted my confidence that my site is qualified for Ads. I would say that Google AdSense is my all-time friend.

What is AdSense?

Google AdSense


AdSense is owned by Google.  It is an advertising placement service by Google. It is designed for website publishers who want to display targeted text, video or image advertisements on website pages and earn money when site visitors view or click the ads.

It’s Features

1. Homepage


Understanding Google AdSense Features-earnings

Here you can see by your eyes the daily, weekly, and monthly report on your income from your websites.  This will prompt you to do something on your site if you are not satisfied with what it reports.  However, you cannot change what you see with regards to that matter except to do something for your site to boost its earning capacity.  So it’s either through your content or through your Ads campaign strategy.

2. My Ads

♦Below Content

AdSense Ad Units
AdSense Ad Units


This is the place where you can create Ad units for your sites. Let’s take for example a site “I Learned to Love” I have created three Ad units where I can have three different codes for three different products to be advertised on my site.


A. Ad units

Understanding Google AdSense Features-Ad unit actions


So, on the image above under Actions Tab you will have the options of Hide, View report, Get code and Edit ad type.

  • Hide, if you press this tab your Ad unit will be hidden from your view.
  • View report, on this tab, if you press it you will be led on a window where you can have the overview report on your estimated earnings, impressions, clicks, impression RPM, etc.  On the Click tab, you will have the estimated earnings, impressions, clicks, CTR, CPC, impression RPM, etc.  By sequence the View tab, the Active views, Engagements, and Custom.

Get Code, if you press this tab you will be given an Ad code which you will copy and place it on your site.Understanding Google AdSense Features-Ad code

This will automatically appear when you press Get Code.

  • Edit ad type, In the Ad units, you can choose Ad type from text ads only, text and display ads, or display ads only which will be applied where applicable to the selected ad units, meaning what is applicable to your site.

Understanding Google AdSense Features-AdSense types of Ads

B.  Page level ads, on this tab you will be given the option to choose the format of ads for your desktop and mobile.  Under it is a tab for Get Code to generate the ad code which you are going to copy and add the code for Page-level ads to your pages.

C.  Ad balance, press this and you will see the notice all about your ad balance.

D. Custom channels, the explanation is here

E.  URL channels, on this tab, it is a place where you receive a customized reporting option that lets you track the performance of a specific page or domain.  Here you can deactivate, activate or you can even remove URL channel by checking the box under actions and selecting an option from the actions tab.


♦The Search

The custom search engine allows you to customize what you want your target group of people accesses through Search engines on the website you selected or entire the web.  A “Google’s Safe Search screens for sites that contain pornography and explicit sexual content and eliminates them from search results. While no filter is 100% accurate, Google’s filter uses advanced proprietary technology that checks keywords and phrases, URLs and Open Directory categories.”

Included are the choice of what country or territory, what language and transliteration.  The actions here are: hide, edit and Get Code.

The custom channels here is also available where you can create custom channels.  Available actions are: hide, activate and deactivate.


♦The Ad Styles

Understanding Google AdSense Features-Ad style


♦Other products

On this feature, you can apply for AdSense for games where you can earn revenue from your games with in-stream and overlay ads.  Apply for AdSense for video and you can earn revenue from your video content with in-stream and overlay ads.

These features are the basic which I like and appreciate Google AdSense.  There still much more to learn from Google AdSense which shall be covering in the next episode.  hope you have learned something from this post and before you leave let us agree on

I hope you have learned something from this post and before you leave let us agree on two things. First, we need Google AdSense because its features are very helpful in the placement of Ads on our sites and it monitors how it works on the web. 

It reports everything about a site with regards to earnings which gives a challenge to the site owner on what possible steps he/she can do to boost the earning performance of the site.  Two, we cannot benefit from the features of Google AdSense if we don’t have a website.

Are you thinking of venturing online entrepreneurship?  You need to have a website where you will connect AdSense Ads. Are you looking for a Web Host and a Domain Registrar that is affordable with all the Online Certification Course and Affiliate Bootcamp Trainings? It is here.

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you will love AdSense as I do.  Are you not registered yet?


If you want to make AdSense your partner in your online business, Sign up here


4 thoughts on “Google AdSense For Your Business

  1. Aabidah Ahmed

    I never went through Google AdSense to see this code. I never knew about it to tell you the truth.

    I will go there immediately now and get that code to my website. I really need this for my online business.

    Thanks a lot for this post and all the best to you.


    1. Accad

      Yes, Aabidah. You can apply to Google AdSense and if they’ll approve your application you can now link your website, get the code created for your ads and paste it on your website Header Editor or on the Widgets.

  2. Adyns68

    This is really well explained and easy to follow for a beginner. I hope I found your post before I started with Google AdSense. Because I had a hard time understanding how to set it up or create ads.

    I have added Google AdSense to my website a month ago and I really like it. I think it is really a great way to monetize a website. It is also making sure that you make something from anyone who visits your website. I know it is not a lot of money but it is a great option for me while I am waiting for a sale from my affiliate products.

    1. Accad

      You are correct Adyn, AdSense does its work even you are sleeping as long as the ads it provided for your site is there. As you wait for other affiliate programs it’s good to be connected to AdSense it boosts your website.

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