Free Guide to Affiliate Marketing

This Free Guide to Affiliate Marketing is intended to help the newbies on the internet world. Since everyone is coming to the online for affiliate marketing it would be best for us to talk on how we could have the concrete steps considerations on how to go on affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate marketing?

I would say affiliate marketing is the disposal of products from the producer to the buyer and whoever goes in between them is the broker or negotiator. The transactions done by the agent is paid through commissions.

Let’s take for example Amazon, eBay, Lazada, Shopify, and others sell varied products. If somebody goes in between them and the buyers, that somebody will be the affiliated agent to be given commissions for any product disposed of in his affiliate link.

I would like to make it clear that the three parties, the owner of the product, the agents and the buyers are all affiliates. Affiliate marketing is always in between two or more parties that agree together, settle together and benefit together. You can read additional information here.

What Do You Need as the Agent Entering into Affiliate Marketing?

Identify a Niche to Blog
The niche must be your passion in life. The thing that you love to do and you are happy with it.  You want this passion to be shared with others so they may learn from you.

If it’s about family teach them about family.
If it’s about a particular business teach them about business.


Create Your Website

You may have read and watched promotions telling you that you can earn an income without a website and I say yes but not as good as a business that sits on a website.

You can promote products even you don’t have a website and you can have a commission but there are many things that you can do if you have your own website where you will run your business.

A website is meant for a longterm online business which is likened to a seed which needs to be sown in order to become a tree that will bear fruit.


Create Your Own Product




2 thoughts on “Free Guide to Affiliate Marketing

  1. Simon

    Thanks for your guide on Affiliate Marketing.
    The reason I got involved as an Affiliate Marketer is that you have no stock to purchase, room to store, nor any postage, packaging and returns to deal with. My role is to simply refer products to visitors by writing helpful & informative articles on particular products they are interested in.

    It’s a low-cost way of starting up and running a business when I compare it to my last high street business, meanwhile, website doors are open to the world; attracting visitors is my main objective.
    All the best,

    1. Accad

      You are right Simon, online affiliate marketing is very much easier than the offline affiliate marketing. You have mentioned all the reasons and considerations. The only thing difficult is the technical here in the online, newbies tarry a long time on discovering the ways and means to be approved for an affiliate program.

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