Electric Mosquito Swatter

This rechargeable mosquito hitting swatter is also called mosquito zapper. But it is not only for mosquitoes it can also kill flies, even cockroaches, and other insects.

This can be recharged for 600 times using AC100-240 volts, 50HZ power source.

Electric Mosquito Swatter-mosquito zapper


If you are living in a shelter with windows and doors without screen and where plenty of mosquitoes, this electric mosquito swatter is best for you in times when you are under rest and quiet time. You can kill hundreds of mosquitoes around you.

Main Character

  1. Rechargeable Type-It furnishes 2 pieces of 1.2 volts high-quality rechargeable batteries which can be recharged in recycled for more than 600 times. it is quite practical and economical.
  2. Twice Speed Discharge-It adopts an innovative twice-speed discharge circuit which can output 2500 volts in a moment. So it has the best result for hitting mosquito.
  3. Electric Shockproof Net-It can kill mosquito which is sucking blood on human bodies but it is harmless to the human when touching the net on a flat surface without any feeling of electric shock. So it is safe for use.
  4. Leakproof Net-It consists of a special 3 layer net which can easily catch insect and never leak out.


  1. When charging, please use AC 100-240 volts, 50HZ power source.
  2. Before using please charge the batteries for 8-15 hours. They can be recharged in recycled 600 times.
  3. When hitting an insect, you can easily kill them just by pressing it to switch.
  4. When the indicator twinkles it indicates that the batteries run out. Then the swatter should be recharged for 8-15 hours.


  1. For more safety, do not press the switch or touch the surface of the net when swatter is in charge.
  2. Please do not finger the medium-layer-net
  3. Please shake swatter for cleaning off insect carcasses which remain in the net. Be sure to don’t wash it with water so as to avoid short circuits.
  4. The swatter may become without high voltage or in low voltage conditions when it absorbs damp in wet weather, the effect will decline. Then it can be dried by blowing with an electric blower or drying under the sun. The effect will be restored.
  5. Children must be instructed by an adult how to use it.


Where to Buy this Electric Mosquito Swatter?

I’m sure you have this in the market most particularly Chinese owned businesses.

If you are located in the Philipines you can avail this through the Shoppee and Lazada. However, if you are located in other countries you can have the equivalent which is ASR Outdoor Micro USB Rechargeable Handheld Bug Zapper Flashlight Paddle through Amazon.

With this Electric Mosquito Swatter, you can have a healthier life because you can have enough rest that replenishes your strength for the next day. Not only during the night sleep but even in times of meditation outside your house during the daytime.

Thank you for reading this simple article on Electric Mosquito Swatter. Simple things can make your life easier and more comfortable than you used to be.

28 thoughts on “Electric Mosquito Swatter

  1. Tashibaarzu

    Hello many thanks for sharing this beautiful article with us. I am very much pleased to you because you have shown me a product which is related to mosquitoes.

    I am facing a lot of problems with mosquitoes. Actually my whole family members are the worst sufferer for it. So I am looking for some good products which can be able to help me a lot. Burning coal can harm mosquitoes but it can harm humans too. So I was looking for some healthy products. 

    Luckily i have got your post. It will be helpful to me. Electric mosquito swatter is a good choice for me. So i am going to buy the product. I will share my experience with you soon.

    1. Accad

      Thanks, Tashibaarzu. I’m sure you will be happy to have one for you in your home. Please come back and share what you experience to help others be informed of the benefits this mosquito swatter can offer. Just as I have done, the result of my experience is what you’ve read and commented on.

      Thanks again.

  2. Tasmia Ferdous

    I really liked your article.
    Thanks so much for sharing this post with us. Your post clearly states about the Electric Mosquito Swatter. Anyone can easily find out about the Electric Mosquito Swatter.
    I use Electric Mosquito Swatter. I use the Electric Mosquito Swatter for mosquitoes or flies. Read your post to know what to do if the sweater is high voltage or low voltage. I think Electric Mosquito Swatter makes our daily life easier. Electric Mosquito Swatter is a very useful thing.

    1. Accad

      Thanks, Tasmia. I’m happy you are using it and you know what I’m talking about. You said it’s a useful thing and that means you appreciate it and you recommend it as well.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. shariful islam

    Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful article with us.The mosquito source is very high in where I live. Apart from the hot days now, I don’t use any curtains in my window so mosquitoes come in large quantities.That’s why I use electric mosquito sweaters to protect me from mosquito breeding.By using it, I get a lot of protection from mosquito breeding because it kills a lot of mosquitoes.And it can be used for a long time if it charges 8 to 15 hours.It plays an important role in preventing mosquito origin.After reading your article, everyone will know about the electric mosquito sweater and will share it with you in new ways after using it.

    1. Accad

      Thanks for sharing your positive experience in using the electric mosquito swatter. I am happy if anyone like you who reads this will come and share their experiences on the effectiveness of this swatter so others will know about it, try it and experience the comfort and ease of having a protector from mosquitoes.

  4. MD Mamun Hossain

    Thanks, for your informative article about Electric Mosquito Swatter.

    I have been trying for a few days to buy Electric Mosquito Swatter. but I don’t have much idea about Electric Mosquito Swatter. I was confused about whether it would be okay to buy this product to kill mosquitos. but your article removed my confusion and helps to make the decision to buy this product. Thanks, You really wrote a very useful article for us. You have highlighted all the points of this product that will help us a lot.

    1. Accad

      Thanks, Hossain. I would say that I’ve been using this for years and I’m happy to share the benefit of it. I can assure you that this product is very helpful to everyone who needs it.

  5. Shanta Rahman

    First of all thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful article with us .At present, we have a lot of spring and mosquito infestation during this time .So one of the things I need is the Electric Mosquito Swatter .I think it’s not just mosquitoes, flies, or even cockroaches and other insects .And this Mosquito Swatter did a great job in keeping my house at peace .And I bought it from Amazon .With this electric mosquito sweater I have been able to live a healthier life and spend a relaxing day in the comfort of sleep. 

    Finally, I hope that by reading your article, everyone will know about Electric Mosquito Swatter and will definitely share with you their new experience.And can I share your article on my social media?

    1. Accad

      Thanks, Shanta for contributing your experience in the use of this mosquito swatter. Everyone is happy to read your positive comments added to the information I presented. I hope they will have their own.

  6. Chimmhogevagreenesnr

    Wow🤩 this is an amazing product! I admire the fact that It consists of a racket-shapedelectrical screen which is free of toxic and other chemicals, Working Voltage (2200V), Overall Length  (50*21.5*3.9cm) and the Charging Time which is about 6 Hours. Thanks for sharing this review on this mosquito swatter, it’s helpful and I recommend it!

    1. Accad

      Thank you for coming into the discussion on the matter-electric mosquito swatter. I hope you are going to own one and come back and add your experience too. Thanks for recommending it.

  7. Sonny

    we have one of those at home. I used while I was in my backyard in the summer. My son bought it when he and his girlfriend went camping. I didn’t know you could only charge it 600 times but I think 1 charge can last for weeks to technically it can last for years. 

    1. Accad

      Thanks, Sonny. I’m happy you have one and just like me I owned one in the past but I don’t know if it could reach that 600 times of charging although I believe in the company. I could vouch for the effectiveness of the product since I benefited from it.

  8. Juliet

    You’ve got a nice website here. I like the electric mosquito swatter. This will be very useful especially for places where mosquitoes are a menace like in Nigeria. I also like the fact that it’s battery can be recharged and recycled. This will definitely save some cash for the user with respect to regular purchase of battery. I’d have loved if you attached the price of the mosquito swatter to it.  Thanks for sharing

    1. Accad

      Hi! Juliet. If you did not see any item of the product, I would tell you that the battery is not separate but it’s a built-in. Every time the unit is less effective due to weak battery you can just plug the unit and be charged for 8 hours. I do not charge it for 15 hours.

      The price is depending on what location you are in. However, here in my country, it costs 140-200 pesos, that’s 3-4 dollars.

      thank you for joining the discussion, Juliet.

  9. Afonso Zhu

    Wow what a great gadget, this surely will become handy on those summer nights where those annoying mosquitos just won’t go away. I’ve seen something like this in cafe’s and similar places but it’s like a big box with a blue light and it fries all the flying bugs that touch it. I’m getting a swatter right now! Thanks for sharing this article.

    1. Accad

      Thanks, Afonso. I’m sure you will like it. I’ve been using this Electric Mosquito Swatter and I can say it does the work and it’s beneficial.

      You are right summertime is coming and surely mosquitoes will multiply and infest houses. It’s good to have this swatter that could help eradicate mosquitoes during our quiet times and during our sleep.

  10. Sharon

    It may be on my end but the ASR Outdoor Micro USB Rechargeable Handheld Bug Zapper is not showing up on my site. It is saying “The site can’t be reached”. Other than that knowing that there is now an electric mosquito swatter is awesome. It will kill lots of mosquitos and other bugs too. What a brilliant invention! What will they think of next? 

    1. Accad

      Thanks, Sharon. I am smiling as I was reading your comment, what will they think of next? I’m sure humans can continue to discover and invent more.

      With regards to the ASR Outdoor Micro USB Rechargeable Handheld Bug Zapper, try this link: https://amzn.to/39rBQXX. Maybe your internet signal is weak this time so it will not open the link about the product. I’ve tried it several times in my end and it works.

      I hope you can find one for you either the Electric Mosquito Swatter or the ASR Outdoor Micro USB Rechargeable Handheld Bug Zapper.

  11. Benny

    At a point in time I was fed up with some fake mosquito killers that will not indicate if the Mosquito died or not. With the mosquito zapper, you can actually eye as the insect is being killed but I am worried about something. What if the battery gets bad, can we find a replacement? Or do we have to get a new zapper? 

    1. Accad

      Hi! Benny. With the Electric Mosquito Swatter, I’m sure you will benefit from it. With regards to the battery when it gets worse without reaching 600 times of recharging, they will not replace the unit. But I’m happy if I can use the unit for more than a year and I have busted plenty of mosquitoes. We can only have the zapper replaced when you bring it home, charge it and it will not charge or you used it for just a day it will no longer work for as long as the reason is not mishandling.

  12. Michael


    I loved your blog.

    Because I live in Uganda and the weather is nice is hot here you can almost guarantee you will be bitten by a mosquito if you don’t take precaution some use cream, others use a stand-alone mosquito killer and some depend on their spray.

    I have one of these electric at home and It’s kind of a hobby for me to use it to kill mosquitoes. 

    1. Accad

      Thanks, Michael. I’d rather use this mosquito swatter than use spray or lotion it’s safer than ever.

      I would say, it’s enjoyable to find mosquitoes inside your home and kill them easily even in the dark.

  13. Perryline

    This article is so amazing and I have learnt so much on this great article. I usually I have this problems with flies and mosquitoes, they can be so frustrating and I have so many ways to kill them but ran out of ideas until I found this article. Then I tried getting a Mosquito zapper. I must say to you this article is so helpful and it has reduce this insects from my home. Thanks on such an amazing article

    1. Accad

      Hi! Perry. I hope you can find one for you, it’s really helpful, it’s beneficial. I’m sure you will find it amusing to have this in your hand killing one or two mosquitoes at a time.

  14. Danijel

    Hello Akkad, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I heard about Electric Mosquito Swatter but honestly, I did not know how to properly use it. It is great I stumbled upon your article because you explained everything in detail. I will definitely get one for me and my family.

    1. Accad

      Hi! Danijel. I would recommend and the more encourage you to get one for your family. I would assure you it’s better than using your hand to catch or hit the mosquitoes. It is convenient to use even in the dark, just be sure it will not bump a hard object.

      Thanks for joining the discussion and your interest in having one for you.

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