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Bootcamp-the Outer Cover

This is the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp outer cover.  By glancing over the lessons you know where you are headed to.  It is the advance guide next to the Online Entrepreneur Certification Courses Presented.  This is more of in the refining of your website you have worked on the certification courses, branding and expanding your presence in the arena of internet social media, and more secrets of leveraging techniques.

Wealthy Affiliate is obvious in its objective of attaining the goal producing successful online business affiliates.  By undergoing all these pieces of training you will never be the same again.

I. WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Starting Your Foundation PHASE 1

  1. Get Rolling
  2. Get Your Domain, Get Your Website
  3. Getting Your Website Organized
  4. Creating Scalable, Idea Friendly Site
  5. A Break, Catch Up, Learn More
  6. Writing Out Themed Content
  7. Getting Your Content Engine Ready
  8. Adding Reviews to Your Site
  9. Leveraging Content from WA on Your Site
  10. Putting the Idea Engines to Work

II. WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Content, Keywords, and Conversions PHASE 2

  1. Creating Readable Content that Converts
  2. Properly Using Affiliate Links
  3. Understanding Keywords and a Day of Selling
  4. Creating Reviews and Using Targeted Keywords
  5. Take a Break, Catch Up
  6. Backing Up Your Website
  7. Enhancing Your Website “Experience”
  8. Building More Content Through Internal Links
  9. Write a Review and Share It
  10. Offering Bonuses the Easy WA

III.  WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Giving Your Site Social Value PHASE 3

  1. Making Your Site Social with Plugins
  2. Making Your Profiles Brand Friendly
  3. How to Create Socially Engaging Content
  4. It’s All About making Friends with Google
  5. Take a Social hiatus
  6. Power Writing Gone Wild
  7. Adding Google Analytics to Your Site
  8. Leveraging the Jaaxy Affiliate Program
  9. Making Promotional Use of Your Sidebar
  10. Build, Build, and Build!

IV.  WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media. PHASE 4
  1. Introduction to Website Design
  2. An Images Says a Thousand Things
  3. Leveraging Wealthy Affiliate Videos for. . .
  4. Creating Logos and Images
  5. Give Yourself a Break
  6. Creating an Effective Jaaxy Review
  7. Research Jaaxy Keywords, Then Show and Tell
  8. Pinning Habits Lead to Pinterest Power
  9. Creating Your Own Videos
  10. A Lesson on Customer Perspective

V.   WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals PHASE 5

  1. Creating Content with Intent
  2. Getting Your Comments to Convert
  3. Video, A HUGE Source of Traffic
  4. From Keywords to LIVE on YouTube
  5. A Discussion on Reviews (and a Break)
  6. The Ultimate Referral Tool
  7. Incorporating Your Custom Sign-up Forms
  8. Helping Folks is Critical
  9. Create Custom Video Sign-up Pages
  10. Creating a 6 Week Plan of attack!

VI.  WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC Phase 6

  1. An Introduction to PPC on Bing Ads
  2. Letting Bing and Yahoo Know about Your Site
  3. Paying for Traffic on Bing and Yahoo
  4. Setting Up Your First PPC Campaign
  5. Take a Break, Do a Little Math
  6. Creating a Small Bite Size Review Ad Groups
  7. Setting Up Conversion Tracking
  8. Capitalizing on Hidden PPC  Landing Pages
  9. Getting REAL Creative With Keywords
  10. Refining Your PPC Campaign and Your Journey

VII.  WA Affiliate Bootcamp – How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns PHASE 7

  1. Blasting Your Wealthy Affiliate Earnings With
  2. Understanding the Google Adwords Opportunity
  3. Maximizing Review Pages With PPC
  4. You, the Affiliates, Are Responsible for
  5. Mastering the Flow of Relevance
  6. The “Double Down” Approach to PPC
  7. To Direct Link or Not to Direct Link
  8. The Mathematical Business Model of PPC
  9. Using Concise Pages for PPC
  10. Creating a Long Term Scalable PPC Campaign


If you happen to have examined the Online Entrepreneur Certification courses and this Affiliate Bootcamp, it is impossible for you not to like it.  It’s comprehensive, purposeful and with a concrete direction.

Your monthly Premium Membership fee is justifiable, you will never regret.

These courses and pieces of training are designed for every interested individual who has the passion for online business and entrepreneurial spirit.

All the lessons are based on actual experiences of persons who have successfully run their online business in nearly fifteen years.  It warrants success to anyone who deliberately follows the system design.


So, if you decide to join us, start here.

If you have any question please contact us at, and we will get back to you as long as we have received your messages.





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  1. I think the people who surf the net, we have realized the significant advantage that is to be with WA; many people miss it! I believe that the University of WA is one of the greatest opportunities to be able to learn about E – marketing, there is much to learn here in WA and anyone can afford these classes.

    • Definitely, if it’s not, then we would not promote it. It is our joy to let people know we have found a legit and authentic online education.

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