Best Razors for Men

Best Razors for Men come from the well-known brand Gillette. It’s been proven that Gillette produces the best razors, the safe razors for men of all time.

Best Razors for Men-Gillette Rubie II

1. Gillette Rubie II

The Gillette Rubie II is a double blade for comfortable shaving. It is a disposable razor packed in Vietnam and imported by the Procter & Gamble Philippines, Inc.

The exact physical address of Procter & Gamble Philippines, Inc. is 10F Net Park, 5th Avenue, Crescent Park West, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig 1634 Philippines.

My Review

I would like to be particular on this yellow color for the reason that this is what I was using in the 1990s until this time. It was by trial and error that I can compare other razors with this Gillette Rubie II.

The first time I owned a shaving kit was when a lady bought one for me as a gift at Christmas. It looks like the image below.

Best Razors for Men-Butterfly Razor

This shaving chrome is not disposable. On the kit, the razor-blade is included. If the blade becomes dull then you buy another blade and insert it. It is the whole blade, the double blade. You can have a variety of choices with razor blades but I assure you the best brand of a razor blade is Gillette. Gillette can last longer than other brands, so if you are not using the disposable one and you like this, it is best to have the Gillette blades than others.

Why I Choose the Disposable and Fixated Gillette Rubie II Razor than Others?

First reason, of all the razors I tried this design of the Gillette product is a perfect one for me. I seldom get hurt unless I’m too careless. In my opinion, it is not because other razor blades are sharper than this Gillette Rubie II. It is how it’s perfectly designed. I had been several times cut in the skin by other designs of razors but this Gillette Rubie II as I said unless I am so careless and use it improperly I get hurt. It is the safest disposable fixated razor that you can trust.

The second reason, it is a disposable razor type but I tell you it lasts longer than what you expect. You can use it not only 5 times or 10 times but even more depending on how you use it. As long as you won’t accidentally rub it to your nails you can use it more than ten times.

I usually use one for several months before it can be disposed of due to dullness. But I did not waste something, rather I’ve taken back more than what I bought.

The third reason, the fixated design allows you to fit through your hand the angle you wanted. There are designs that move at two angles but I don’t want it. I am not the sole one making the angle through my hand but the razor has its own. The added angle that comes not from your hand will accidentally cut your skin.

The fourth reason, the price is reasonable, you shaved several times, benefited several times with a minimal price and because of that, you want to buy again because of that benefit it offers. You need not have a single Gillette Rubie II a very long time but it’s just enough to have the blades safe from rust because of being wet when used.

Best Razors for Men-Gillette Rubie II


2. Gillette Mach3 Turbo Men’s Razor

Best Razors for Men-Gillette Mach 3 Turbo

Review from the User

A smooth shave, easy to find and feels great in the hand certainly make Mach3 razors a must! Thanks for sharing your love and being a part of the Gillette family.

This razor is a staple. I’ve used it in the past and the shave is so perfect. Very little effort to achieve a perfect shave with no nicks or cuts! You can shave with only soap! The only downside is that EVERY time I drop it, the blade cartridge pops off.

I have tried many different razors (from several various brands) over the years and I must say that the Gillette Mach 3 has to be one of my favorites yet! It is lightweight, feels good in the hand, the refills are easy to find(and fairly inexpensive), and most importantly delivers a nice smooth and close shave.

Gillette Mach3 manual razors for men features stronger-than-steel blades that stay sharper longer (vs. Sensor3). With sharper blades (first 2 blades vs. Sensor3), it is engineered to last 15 comfortable shaves. These Gillette razors feature a lubrication strip that glides to help protect your skin from redness and a microfin skin guard that stretches the skin and prepares hair to be cut. The Mach3 men’s razor features a premium handle, expertly balanced and weighted for a great shaving experience. Mach3 manual men’s razor fits all Mach3 blade refills.


3. Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Power Men’s Razor

Best Razors for Men-Gillette Fusion 5


Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Power men’s shaving razor with FlexBall technology, responds to contours and gets virtually every hair. It features 5 precision blades for incredible comfort (vs. Mach3). With Gillette’s thinnest and finest blades (first 4 blades, vs. Fusion5), ProGlide allows less tug & pull (vs. Fusion5). The Precision Trimmer on the back is great for hard-to-reach areas such as under the nose and sideburns. In razor sets, one razor blade refill equals up to one month of shaves. Fusion5 Proglide razors fit all Fusion5 blade refills.
• With FlexBall technology, ProGlide men’s shaving razor responds to contours and gets virtually every hair
• Gillette’s thinnest, finest blades (first 4 blades, vs. Fusion5) for less tug and pull (vs. Fusion5)
• 5 precision blades, helping reduce pressure per blade for a comfortable shave (vs. Mach3)
• Precision Trimmer on the back—great for hard-to-reach areas (nose and sideburns)
• Enhanced Lubrastrip with more lubricants (vs. Fusion5)
• Soothing Micropulses help the razor blades move effortlessly so that you’ll barely feel them.
• 2 razor blade refill equals up to one month of shaves
• Fits All Fusion5 Blade Refills


1. The Best Just Got Better!    

I always use Gillette Razors and didn’t think it could get much better than the Proglide but I was wrong, I was brought this by my wife and couldn’t wait to use it and I was not disappointed, it is the most comfortable shave I have ever had and it felt so much easier to use I was actually surprised at how quickly I finished shaving, this razor definitely shaves more hair per pass than previous razors. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who will listen and thank you, Gillette, for inventing this, it is a huge improvement on a razor that I didn’t think could be improved.

2. Not very impressed

Where to Buy Gillette Rubie II?

If you are near to a Mercury Drug Store it is available there. However, if you want it to be delivered to you then you would opt for online and you can pay it upon delivery to your door.

For the Philippines, please click the link below

Gillette Rubie II

I piece Gillette Rubie II

For other Countries please click the image below


Some Tips to Remember

Shaving cream, foam or gel can help make the razor blade last longer. It softens the hair for easy cut and you will not feel irritated.

If you happen to run short of these you can use bath soap and warm water. I usually shave after bath and often times I don’t use soap, it’s just enough that the hair is wet for a minute before it’s shaved.

Thank you for reading and leaving a comment on the comment box below. Any opinion, experience, and observations that would enrich the topic are welcome.

9 thoughts on “Best Razors for Men

  1. Deepanshi

    Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your guide and find it very helpful for everyone. Now I know that Gillette has definitely created a good target market for their razors, and I know this might come accross strange to some, but they have made the razors so “user friendly” in terms of a smooth shave, nasty cutting reduction. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Parameter

    I love the Gillette Fusion 5 Pro Shield, I have used it for some while and I must say that the vibration is next to none. It does not hold on to my hair as such there is absolutely no discomfort and unnecessary irritation as a result of cut or stretched, I will continue to use it; it is very good.

    1. Accad

      Thanks, I hope I can try the Gillette Fusion 5 Pro Shield There’s a purpose why that design is invented. It’s time to try the battery-operated one.

  3. Julius

    Very nice and precise review of Gilette razors. I was using Gilette razors since the first time I shaved, some 16 years ago already, and I have to prove that they are the best razors available. What I loved about them especially, was the design. I could roll over my face whichever angle I wanted, and I wouldn’t cut myself. I used mostly the Mach3 turbo and I think there were times I could have the same razor for as long as one full year. The quality, comfort, design, and price are overall, in my opinion, the reasons why one should buy one of those razors. Thank you for your share! 

    1. Accad

      Thanks, Julius. You are right Gillette razors are absolutely good over other products, the sharpness, the design and safety measures are there. It’s worth the money.

  4. leighj01

    I personally think that Gillette has definitely created a good target market for their razors, and I know this might come accross strange to some, but they have made the razors so “user friendly” in terms of a smooth shave, nasty cutting reduction, and the adjustable head that before they came up with a similar line for the women, I hardly ever shopped in the razor section for the women, but now us women are able to enjoy the benefits just as much as the men.  Are you able to supply us with some info on the womens perspective as well?  You dont necessarily have to speak from experience…Unless you can ofcourse… Lol!

    1. Accad

      Hi! Leigh. My wife uses this Gillette Rubie II razor to shave her underarm and I can see she loves it. I say this because I saw her switched to other brands but preferred to have more of the Gillette razors.

      I assume she saw what I’m using and tried it and she has no complaints about it.

  5. David nelson

    I totally agree with you Gillette is the best when it comes to razors for men, As they have the best design, Sharp blades and also it very safe to use…I like your list of Gillette products especially the Gillette Rubie ll as I have been using it for sometime and I must tell you it one of the best Gillette product that I have ever used.

    1. Accad

      Thanks, David. It’s the best of the disposables and very cheap. I hope I can use other Rubie razors but considering the thickness of my beard I think this Rubie II is enough for me.

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