Addressing Problems in the Offline World

I would like to invite you to the discussion of addressing problems in the offline world where we shall examine some of the significant things that affect families with members who seek employment in the overseas.

Addressing problems in the offline world has two concerns why families are incredibly engaged with employment abroad.  First, the economic instability of the family, second the lack of employment they face in their own country.  These two will then result in issues that need to be addressed.

To enlighten our ourselves and the populace why the online business plays an important role in the life of our families, let’s take a look at the following:

 I.  Working Overseas, Cause of Family Breakups

Addressing Problems in the Offline World-applying for employment

One of the reasons why family breaks up is because of working abroad on either one of the husbands and wives. Nothing can supplant time for each other a husband and wife have and are together in a home.

A separate couple working in far distance can aggravate infidelity due to attraction towards another of the opposite gender.  When consummation of married life is barred by the distance it may open opportunity to infidelity simply because the couple doesn’t have time for each other.

 It is a public knowledge that some of the broken families mostly of young spouses have cohabited with another man or with another woman just because they were far away from each other.

Addressing Problems in the Offline World-Family break ups

So why go to a far place and leave your family if there is a way you can earn income by your own time, in your own home, and at your own pace.  It is wise to save a relationship for this is what most of us had in mind when we get married.  We want to be faithful to our own promises which were before the congregation, to the Officiating Ministers or to the Judge.

 We want to be faithful to our own promises which were pronounced before the congregation, to the Officiating Ministers or to the Judge, and to a God who instituted marriage.

It is a fact that distance makes the heart fonder and when that someone is unreachable it is also a fact that it is easy to be swayed by temptation.

 The family is part of a home where you belong and when that is broken you will no longer have one to welcome you with open arms.

 The family is a part of life where love is shared but when a family is broken, life is definitely meaningless.

 Do you want to earn for your family?  This is the reason why you go overseas.  But this must be a great sacrifice for the family and no one loves this kind of situation.

In online business, it will not happen.  You are with your family and you consummate your married life with your partner and loved one even to your children if ever there are.

II.  Unemployment, Displacement, and Retrenchment

Privatization of government-owned properties and contractualization of labor had negative side effects on the issue of security of tenure and it strengthens unemployment, retrenchment,  and displacement.

Addressing Problems in the Offline World-Dismissal of employees


What is Privatization?

Privatization is the process of transferring property from public ownership to private ownership and/or transferring the management of a service or activity from the government to the private sector.  Types of privatization include complete privatization, privatization of operations, privatization through contracts, franchising, and open competition.

 In Philippine Labor Laws, there is a Constitutional guarantee of security of tenure. The guarantee of security of tenure under the Constitution means that an employee cannot be dismissed from the service for causes other than those provided by law and only after due process is accorded the employee. (See De Guzman vs. Comelec, G.R. No. 129118, July 19, 2000.)

 But how can the Philippine Law protects individuals from the usurpation of rights when privatization of government properties and services is the very tool to its effect.

 Not all qualified and eligible Filipinos are employed in the government-owned properties and services.  Thus, they find jobs in private companies and agencies so they could provide their family’s needs.  However, the company’s manipulative power undermines the Constitutional guarantee of security of tenure.   

 Being fired, being retrenched are all possibilities with security flaws.  Displacement comes to a situation when a firm fails or closes.    How are these situations in your own country?

Is it not right for you to think of alternatives when you are not guarded by the law of your land?

 Online business must be the top consideration for a person who would not just surrender and make life sorrowful and pitiful.

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What is Contractualization?

Contractualization refers to the practice of hiring employees who would render their services for a finite amount of time, usually, for a few months only. This is a system that has been practiced and used by many companies, including large corporations. These enterprises often utilize this arrangement in order to maintain their revenues up.

 The companies engaged in this include manufacturing industries, hotels, restaurants and fast food, and retail sectors.

 In the Philippines, this systematic evil is reconceived and reborn every six months.  When you are laid off after six months of work maybe you haven’t yet earned for the expenses you incurred during your application.

 The difficult thing here is that you cannot just be employed immediately.  You may all be using three months to six months in finding a job.  And when you found something it is a job you are so overqualified and you have to take because it is the only one available.

 The sad part of this that the law does not have a penal sanction for contractualization.  At this time of writing, the issue is still under consideration of the concurrent administration.

Still, the consideration here is to think and venture into the online business which will not limit your capacity to earn for your family and more importantly will not degrade your personality and value as a person.

III.  Time Consuming Effort and Human Resource Liability of Offline Business

Every day I see individuals engaged in businesses of different kinds.  Some of them take with them fruits and vegetables, while some sell fish, others sell street food, and more.  But at the end of the day, they have just earned for their lunch and a dinner for the family.

It’s from hand to mouth existence.  However, this may be decent and must be appreciated as it is insufficient enough to sustain a family.

On the other interests, many want to own a car, a motorcycle, a tricycle installment within three to five years.  Many have been in a compromised situation after some time of installment and payment.

Why are they interested in having these things because they wanted to start a business of their own?

The bad side of this, I saw some motorcycles being withdrawn from the payees’ hands after months of unpaid installments.  As if you have given free your saved amount of money.  This could be a possibility in online business but I think as long as you have established a site and is ranked by Google, the only lacking thing is the content you put into it.  You may lose a considerable amount but in the long run, you will reap what you have sown.

The difference between an offline business and an online business is human resource accountability.  In offline business, the more it grows and develops the more you employ people which add to the expenses.  While in online entrepreneurship as long as you have laid the foundation of your site and you have filled it with quality content you need not to employ other persons unless you add something on your site which is beyond your capability.

Small offline businesses’ income dissipates as the days pass by because people are tired of the same stuff every day and they want a change in taste and smell even in the nutrition they need for health when it comes to food.  One by one they start to look for others.

In online business, as your site gains the trust, and as traffic continues to improve, your income will also recur with improvement.

These are the reasons that count in considering online entrepreneurship.  You can become a millionaire by your own self, not like offline entrepreneurship, a millionaire will never move alone by himself by not acquiring equipment and employing more people to help him do the business.

 Addressing Problems in the Offline World-Employed man doing the task


 IV.  Conclusion

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 Thanks for reading and if you happen to have questions please email me here, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I read your message.