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A Public High School Teacher Turned Blogger

This story about a public high school teacher turned blogger will surely amaze you so stay in tune with the last paragraph.

In 2013, a public teacher from the Elementary Grade in Pangil, Laguna, Philippines resigned from his teaching profession not because he has committed a crime or has been negligible in his responsibility. Believe it or not, a public teacher turned blogger.

A Public Teacher Turned Blogger

It was a shocking decision to his peers but it was his option to leave his career in teaching and takes engagement on another vocation he has newly found: the internet blogging.  Why?  He now starts to receive the payoff of on the hard work on his site.

Teachers are one of the best supported by the Philippine government as of these days because they are not only receiving a decent remuneration but a pension is waiting for them after retirement.  Imagine you have spent your time in four years of education and once you are employed as a public teacher your future is secured and to forget all about that and take the risk of blogging in the online world would be a tough decision.

But taking that decision to live a life of a blogger instead of a teacher has something to say to everybody in today’s world.

I personally know his co-teachers but I never met this person.  But it’s a real story.  There is money in the online world.

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I know you can decide too for yourself no one but you alone can do it. If you do so I would suggest you take seriously where you will invest your time and money.

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