3 Best Reasons for Economic Resilience in the Online World

The prevailing realities affecting many lives can be seen in the following situations: unemployment, retrenchment, displacement, no job security, no capital to start a business, no stable source of income, no qualifications for job employment and many others.

On unemployment, in the Philippines, we have 5.6 percent which is very much better than other countries.  The highest so far is 60 percent which is Djibouti.  That is only in the unemployment what about those affected by retrenchment and displacement?  This problem is really difficult and sometimes it will happen at any time unexpectedly.

Along with those, job security issues, these days private companies are in a contractual scheme within every six months.  The company has the sole power to retain or replace any laborer or employee.

Every time this happens families are compromised of their own basic needs and after several months they struggle for survival.  They can’t even start a business because of financial constraints.

Added to these are the devaluation of currency value and the persistent rise in commodity price are a continuous cycle that would inevitably a burden to anyone.

How could a family provide education to children,  save for health care and many things?  These are where money is incredibly inseparable.   These situations really drive us to think of solutions to address these realities so we come to think of the Online Entrepreneurship as one of the alternatives for economic resilience.


Why would Online Entrepreneurship be the alternative?

Reason 1.  This is where online entrepreneurship comes in between as an alternative for economic resilience because you don’t need a huge capital in order to start your business online.  The only needed here is that a website must be a website that really meant for business.  Meaning, whether you will have a mini niche site or an authority site it should really be meant a business of your own.

Reason 2.  To me, online business is better than going abroad for work because you will not be separated from your family.  If you will invest fifty to one hundred thousand in order to work abroad why not invest it in affiliate marketing by monthly spending the amount and maybe after five months, one year or two years of work in your website content you will start earning.

 Here is the Master teacher’s projection
according to his experience.

Reason 3.  The benefit of this is you will not have anybody as your master because you are the boss of your work.  You control the time and the work you spend in your own online business.  You can sleep and enjoy your rest and wake up with confidence you will have an income that supports your family needs.

 Why Affiliate Marketing?

No labor security, laid off, retrenched, going abroad leaving your family, online affiliate marketing is the alternative you are in control of your business.

 We are now in the Information Age or the New Media Age.

The shift from agricultural to industrialization to computerization.  From all these eras the affiliation movement is inseparable in the conduct of income generation.

  • When you go to Facebook and promote your product that is affiliate marketing.
  • When you use Pinterest to advance any interest that is affiliate marketing.
  • When you tweet at Twitter to convey your message that is affiliate marketing.
  • When you post videos on YouTube that is affiliate marketing.

It is unlikely that we can move away from affiliate marketing.  Promoting our products, our ideas, our interests as an individual and a member of any organization using any available medium is a need and that is affiliate marketing.

A producer and consumer is an affiliate relationship.  But sometimes other persons should have enough knowledge of a certain product before buying it and this is where a third party is involved.

So it is from the producer to the promoter to the consumer.  Others call it advertiser, publisher, and consumer.

Let’s try to see it this way, the advertiser is the one who sells electronic products, you are the publisher and you do the promotion, and the consumer decides to buy the product.  Because the consumer bought the product and benefited from your promotion as a publisher, the advertiser also benefited.  Everybody benefited from the product.

Let’s picture it in another way.  The farmer needs money and he wants to sell his draft animal.

3 Best Reasons for Economic Resilience in the Online World-the farmer 1


Me in between

3 Best Reasons for Economic Resilience in the Online World-the farmer 2


I know he is going to sell and I told the story to the other farmer who needs a draft animal.  With the permission of the first farmer, I added P5,000to his selling price which is P25,000($501.142).

The second farmer buys the draft animal with P30,000 and the P5,000 goes to me as the promoter of the affiliate relationship and business negotiation.

In online affiliate marketing, the commission is given by the advertiser through percentage but the matter in a relationship does not change, it is all by affiliation.

Having discussed all online business and entrepreneurship I hope we have solved the problem of low-income to sustain the family, no job security, separation from your loved ones due to employment overseas, and are ready to have a happier family and sufficient monetary reserves to go on with the journey.

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3 Best Reasons for Economic Resilience in the Online World-make money today