Electric Mosquito Swatter

This rechargeable mosquito hitting swatter is also called mosquito zapper. But it is not only for mosquitoes it can also kill flies, even cockroaches, and other insects.

This can be recharged for 600 times using AC100-240 volts, 50HZ power source.

Electric Mosquito Swatter-mosquito zapper


If you are living in a shelter with windows and doors without screen and where plenty of mosquitoes, this electric mosquito swatter is best for you in times when you are under rest and quiet time. You can kill hundreds of mosquitoes around you.

Main Character

  1. Rechargeable Type-It furnishes 2 pieces of 1.2 volts high-quality rechargeable batteries which can be recharged in recycled for more than 600 times. it is quite practical and economical.
  2. Twice Speed Discharge-It adopts an innovative twice-speed discharge circuit which can output 2500 volts in a moment. So it has the best result for hitting mosquito.
  3. Electric Shockproof Net-It can kill mosquito which is sucking blood on human bodies but it is harmless to the human when touching the net on a flat surface without any feeling of electric shock. So it is safe for use.
  4. Leakproof Net-It consists of a special 3 layer net which can easily catch insect and never leak out.


  1. When charging, please use AC 100-240 volts, 50HZ power source.
  2. Before using please charge the batteries for 8-15 hours. They can be recharged in recycled 600 times.
  3. When hitting an insect, you can easily kill them just by pressing it to switch.
  4. When the indicator twinkles it indicates that the batteries run out. Then the swatter should be recharged for 8-15 hours.


  1. For more safety, do not press the switch or touch the surface of the net when swatter is in charge.
  2. Please do not finger the medium-layer-net
  3. Please shake swatter for cleaning off insect carcasses which remain in the net. Be sure to don’t wash it with water so as to avoid short circuits.
  4. The swatter may become without high voltage or in low voltage conditions when it absorbs damp in wet weather, the effect will decline. Then it can be dried by blowing with an electric blower or drying under the sun. The effect will be restored.
  5. Children must be instructed by an adult how to use it.


Where to Buy this Electric Mosquito Swatter?

I’m sure you have this in the market most particularly Chinese owned businesses.

If you are located in the Philipines you can avail this through the Shoppee and Lazada. However, if you are located in other countries you can have the equivalent which is ASR Outdoor Micro USB Rechargeable Handheld Bug Zapper Flashlight Paddle through Amazon.

With this Electric Mosquito Swatter, you can have a healthier life because you can have enough rest that replenishes your strength for the next day. Not only during the night sleep but even in times of meditation outside your house during the daytime.

Thank you for reading this simple article on Electric Mosquito Swatter. Simple things can make your life easier and more comfortable than you used to be.