Baygon Chalk Roach and Ant Killer-A Review

Baygon Chalk Roach and Ant killer is two pieces of chalk neatly wrapped with a colored paper and packed in a box.

Baygon Roach and Ant-killer-A Review-Baygon Chalk wrapped




Baygon Chalk Roach and Ant Killer-Chalk Roach and Ant Killer in Box


I bought this from the Mercury Drug Store because I cannot find it in the hardware stores and in the agricultural supplies.

I was so skeptic but there was no option for me to have the ants controlled.  They were all creeping on the walls from the office to the kitchen. They even laid eggs in the boxes of stuff and now they are trying to penetrate our bedroom.

It’s so disgusting to arrive in a home after hours of work outside or out of town and you will see creeping ants on the walls and flooring. Sweeping them can control but after hours they are back again.

There was a time that I got so irritated and I wanted to burn them so I ignited scratch papers with all in mind that I will annihilate them.  Yes, the “them” is just the one that is on the walls and not all of them.  It’s not a good trial for the walls had been blackened by the smoke.

Baygon Roach and Ant-killer-A Review-blackened wall


If I only have a blow torch just as good as the image below maybe it’s easy to eliminate them in a moment. But again those that are only the obvious ones and you cannot do this over the books and other stuff.

Baygon Roach and Ant-killer-A Review-vintage blow torch


I remember that Baygon Chalk Roach Killer and I went to the market and I learned that it’s not only for roaches but for ants also.

Baygon Roach and Ant-killer-A Review-Baygon chalk in box


So with eagerness, I unpacked the Baygon chalk roach and ant killer and drew lines on the passages of these stubborn ants.

Baygon Roach and Ant-killer-A Review-Baygon Chalk applied

Baygon Roach and Ant-killer-A Review-Baygon Chalk applied on the wall2 Baygon Roach and Ant-killer-A Review-Baygon Chalk applied on the wall3


Some of the lines are not obvious because of the wall paint but I’m sure I have drawn lines.

Also on the bamboo Sala set posts, everywhere where the ants pass.


Baygon Chalk Roach and Ant Killer-Sala set posts


I would say this Baygon Chalk Roach and Ant-Killer is effective that eliminates ants with a span of three to four days killing them from the time of application.

Never mind if it does not look good to your eyes it can be easily wiped out any time you want and when you know it’s no longer working.

Watch this video and see what happened even after four days. It’s still active and effective that ants that continue to pass over the lines are killed.

Beware of fake Baygon Chalk Roach and Ant Killer

Buy this Baygon chalk roach killer only in your trusted company. In my case, Mercury Drug Store is the most trusted drug store in the Philippines so I believe they will not buy and sell fake products.

When it’s Baygon, you really have to see if it comes from another company and it’s not from Baygon. Click the image below and you will know about the company.

Baygon Chalk Roach and Ant killer-A Review-Baygon products