How to Start with Free Website Builder

What is a Website Builder?

According to Wikipedia, Website builders are tools that typically allow the construction of websites without manual code editing.

Two things mentioned, they are the “tools” and “without manual code editing“. They are tools created for the purpose of doing a certain thing and that is particularly website.  Without manual code editing because you just run it and does the work for you.  Gone are the days that we do manually all things including website building. If in the past it will take weeks to months to finish a website, today we can do it in just 30 seconds.

So without much further ado let’s go directly to the lesson we are to do.

I would like to talk to newbies and not to the experts, so the experts may now have other readings.

First and foremost for a newbie to start in the online world you have to create your own website.  Because we are still learning I advise you not to go directly in registering your own domain name and website.

Let’s start first orienting ourselves with the free website builders.


To Start is to decide which Free Website Builder you will have

Let’s have a list of some that we can identify with the features that surround them.

How to Start with Free Website Builder-1&1

Intuitive image editor
Large choice of templates
30-day money back guarantee


How to Start with Free Website Builder-duda

Integrated site analytics
Variety of templates


How to Start with Free Website Builder-GoDaddy

Great for business
Easy to use
30-day free trial


How to Start with Free Website Builder-Jimdo

Comfortable and straightforward interface
Free professional templates
Wide selection of online stores


How to Start with Free Website Builder-Site123

14-day money back guarantee and free plan available
Easy to use
24/7 responsive customer service

How to Start with Free Website Builder-SiteBuilder

14-day money back guarantee and free plan available
Large amount of templates
No website ads

How to Start with Free Website Builder-SimpleSite

Easy to use
Easy learning curve
Generous free plan
SimpleSite has many satisfied longtime users

How to Start with Free Website Builder-volution

14-day free trial
Amazing e-commerce editor
Plenty of nice templates

How to Start with Free Website Builder-webnode

Multi-lingual feature
Drag and drop feature for editing
Beautiful array of templates

How to Start with Free Website Builder-weebly

30-day money back guarantee with a free plan available
Completely flexible
Great SEO tool

How to Start with Free Website

Biggest template collection out there
Easy to use interface, even for non-techies
You can start for free
Amazing app market
Best DIY builder

How to Start with Free Website Builder-Site Rubix

Site Rubix + Integrated tools and Free SSL:
Website analysis
Website management
Website ranking, and
Website security

There are still others that we have not listed here but this is enough for us as the basis for our decision making. Having the following features you will find in each Website Builder you can now differentiate which is best for you.

Certain Features of a Website Builder to Consider

1. More Customization-the more customization the Website Builder is, the more it’s flexible for our own needs.

2. Free SSL Certificate-By having the SSL certificate for your website means you have the security.  You are telling Google your domain is secure.  It will boost your site’s ranking and safeguards your customers’ information as they go and browse your website. Hence, they trust more your website.

3. No Ads-The No Ads aspect is a plus for a Site Builder since almost site owners have the prerogative in adding ads.  There are Website Builders that offer a free website for the purpose of having a venue for ads.  You will not earn from those ads and it will just populate your site.

4. Unlimited Storage-Refers to web hosting offers that provide unlimited disk storage, data transfer, and addon domain name capacity. However, hosting providers sometimes restrict what you can use the disk space for. Choose the Website Builder that gives this free for premium membership.

5. Ability to connect with Google Analytics-Look for the Website Builder that provides this free and without upsells when you become a premium member. Website analysis must be an integral part provided by Site Builders and you don’t have to pay outside your website host in order to track your site.

6. More themes choices-What does theme do for your site?  The theme controls the general look and feel of your site including things like page layout, widget locations, and default font and color choices. More choices of themes will give you a range of the design you wanted for your visitors. We are visual animals and aesthetic aspect is always considered.

Keep in mind the features that make one of these website builders being special or particular from the others. One feature can make a difference.

Remember website builders are part of a platform if they are not then the possibility of additional effort, additional budget, and additional technical knowledge are needed.

So, if you are decided now then build your website and start rolling.  However, if you are not yet started I am inviting you to join me in my own choice and I assure you-you will not regret by putting your trust on the tested tool.

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