30 Minute Money Methods-My Review

30 Minute Money Methods-My Review

This is another interesting thing to deal prudently with. In everything, we do, we should think first, weigh the pros and cons and having research. 

Don’t you know that I got excited when I encountered this?

In fact, the offer through the video is really inviting.  Anyone is not against earning cash in any legal manner, and you like it urgently as possible.

Earning an amount in a 30-minute work is not impossible but what excites anyone is how much can you earn within that span of time. Let’s have a look at the projection of this 30 Minute Money Methods:

1. $500 in just 30 minutes
I know I could earn a $20 dollar for hours of hard work but I am wondering how this 30-minute method could supply me as much as $500 in a very short time of easy work.

30 Minute Money Methods-My Review: $500 every 30 minutes
30 Minute Money Methods-My Review: $500 every 30 minutes


2. $50,000 Every Single Month
In my country, a big company pays P50,000 a month to an employee.  So this $50 thousand can be converted into 2.5 million pesos and my monthly earnings of P50,000 is just a 2.5 percent fraction. 

Who does not want this amount for a month?

30 Minute Money Methods-My Review: $50K every single month
30 Minute Money Methods-My Review: $50K every single month


3. $600K a Year
With this amount, I could live sufficiently and abundantly in my own comfort. No worries on sickness hospitalization if ever there may be.

30 Minute Money Methods-My Review: $600K a year
30 Minute Money Methods-My Review: $600K a year


How can you earn all these amounts?

It is easy, by joining and paying 30 Minute Money Method $37, and $27 discounted.  It’s a one-time payment, no more monthly, no upsell. But this is contradictory to the testimonies of individuals who joined this platform. 

You can find the review of Philip here.

A question to ShellyI see this is available for $37 but will I be charged more after this.

Shelly replied: Absolutely not. This is all that’s required to start copying my methods!

30 Minute Money Methods-My Review: Price

Where will you pay this?

The Form bears the logo of ClickBank and the warranty protection as well.

30 Minute Money Methods-My Review: Billing form30 Minute Money Methods-My Review: Billing form

30 Minute Money Methods-My Review: Billing form

What is 30 Minute Money Methods?

Name: 30 Minute Money Methods
Website URL: http://30minutemoneymethods.com/
Creator: “Shelly West”
Price: $37 or $27 + upsells
Created in: 2017
Overall Ranking: 25/100

Experiences of the creator of this method.

A. Surveys
She mentioned she entered answering surveys and never made money because submitted surveys are being raffled.  Meaning not all joining and answering surveys have equal opportunities in making money.

I think I give her the benefit of the doubt because I’ve tried this too.  I never received a notice from the companies for whom I joined the surveys.

B.  Blogging
She was challenged to create a website of her own and worked hours and hours every day in order to blog but after two years she never made money.

C.  She Discovered the 30 Minute Money Methods
How did she discover it?  We don’t know.  She did not mention it but went directly to the amount of money she made last year and the monthly earnings made by her disciples in the business method.

What Should We Know to have a glimpse of a legit or a scam?

First, is there a value exchange?
If you invest your money you should know if there is a product to be sold, or a service to be benefited from or promoted to.

Second, know what industry are you entering.
Know about the founder, it is very important to know the person behind the business. Know when the website was established, what were the challenges it surpassed and outlived.  How much capital does it have if calculated? Has it gained and developed during its existence or it failed and bankrupt?

Third, identify the company’s mission & vision.
This is the clear direction the company is geared to.  This includes the developments of its programs, services, and financial capabilities, and benefits not only for itself as a company but also for all that is connected and are working with it.

Fourth, What’s the business model?
On the internet world, the proven business models are affiliate marketing, information marketing, Multi-Level-Marketing.

Fifth, success requires massive action
The trademark of a legit successful online entrepreneurship is hard work.  There is no easy way, no get rich quick.

My Verdict
The experiences of the owner of 30 Minute Money Methods, Shelly West might be authentic for this is common to all newbies starting online.

The “you don’t need anything” except for your computer, and 30 minutes work every day making $500 daily is true to seasoned entrepreneurs but not to newbies.  This is a scam to internet newbies.

My conviction about a certain system, a method that generates money with less human work and participation is non-existent.  It is a scam!  Why do they still need people if they have found the system that generates money?  Just use it and never campaign for somebody to join because it is a machine-generated.  You rely on the algorithm you created to bring you money.


I don’t recommend this to internet newbies who are starting to know the ins and outs of the online business. I don’t even know if the experts will take advantage of this.

I’d rather recommend that you go to this link Get Started Now” to start your online education and become an online entrepreneur.

Start your business and your online education with the legit one by having a Free Website here.

Thank you and I would like to leave an assurance that when you join the link I’ve given you, you’ll never regret but you will be thankful to me because you’ve read this post and you were guided to take the wise decision in your life.

Take aside your doubt and start now. The earlier the better.



Grapefruit Juice-Harvey Fresh

Grapefruit Juice-Harvey Fresh is a review which intends to bring the message to the Western Australian Company of our findings we have with the product namely Grapefruit Juice we bought on December 12, 2017, in the Puregold, Pagsanjan Town Center, Pagsanjan, Philippines.

Grapefruit Juice-Harvey Fresh-Harvey Fresh Banner

It is also a piece of information to abreast all consumers around the world of what this product is all about.

What is all about this product?
Name:                               Grapefruit Juice
Owner:                              Harvey Fresh
Office Address:                  Third Street, Harvey, Western Australia 6220
Website URL:                     www.harveyfresh.com.au

Date Produced:                  September 21, 2017
Expiry Date:                      Best before September 22, 2018
Taste:                               Bitter and Sour
Price:                                P160.00
For whom is this Product:   Not recommended
Rating:                             4 out of 10


Grapefruit Juice-Harvey Fresh-expiry date

I’m fond of fruit juices because there is something in them that not only refreshes the feelings but even helps invigorate the body immunity system.  Let me share with you our experience with regards to this Grapefruit product.

Last time I and my wife went to a town Supermart my attention was caught by a new drink product that I never tasted. Reading the label with the name Grapefruit Juice-Harvey Fresh I immediately thought that it’s branded. 

Because we have been drinking pineapple juice, grape juice, orange juice either pure or a concentrate we decided to have a new one and we took two bottles of two liters each of Grapefruit Juice-Harvey Fresh in the cart.

Along with our way home, we visited a patient in the hospital and we left the first bottle as a present to the sick.

At home, we opened the second bottle ready and eager to be quenched and be filled with a new taste coming from another country like Australia. Alas, to our frustration it did not taste as a juice but like vinegar and bile. 

Now my conscience will not let me sleep if I have given someone a juice but they cannot consume due to a bad taste so I called to the person whom I gave the other bottle, this is at the time of writing.  They say they did not yet open it so I told them please open and have a taste and tell me what you can find about it.  So they tasted it and they said it’s bitter.  I advised them to keep it and I will be bringing something different from the Grapefruit Juice.

So what’s the issue with this product?
Certainly, it’s not all about the expiry because it is still too far.  The name Grapefruit Juice doesn’t justify the taste.  You cannot even call it wine.  It’s better to be called vinegar but the bitterness doesn’t allow it.

With this situation, it is the owner that could explain what’s the issue behind.  So let us give all the liabilities to Harvey Fresh, Western Australian Company to make some research and provide us the information about their own product.

But for the meantime, it is a stern warning to all consumers not to buy at this point in time Grapefruit Juice for I’m very sure you will not take the second drink after the first one.

Now, before we leave, we shall know what is Harvey Fresh as the producer of the Grapefruit Juice.

What is Harvey Fresh as the product owner?  This is what you will find on their site.

Harvey Fresh is a Western Australian company with a strong family history.

Found in Harvey amongst the fields in the beautiful southwest, the farming rich region is well known for producing premium fruit and first-grade milk.

Harvey Fresh is offering a range of quality milk, dairy products and fruit juice for all to enjoy.

Grapefruit Juice-Harvey Fresh-Harvey Fresh website


In fact, by name and aesthetics, we are convinced that this Grapefruit Juice tastes more likely a lemonade.  We are oriented and by all awareness, juice can be served to anyone from children to adult but this Grapefruit Juice will not be at any level.  If it is for other purposes the name should be changed.

It is not intoxicating, it is not even poisonous but only the person who could tolerate the taste can take the second chance to have a drink and I doubt this can be enjoyed by anyone.

If this product, Grapefruit Juice by Harvey Fresh has been tested with that bad taste of being sour and bitter before it went to the market what benefit will people have from punishing themselves over the table whether it be for snacks or on regular meals?