My Growth and Development Process at Wealthy Affiliate

I would say, my growth and development process at Wealthy Affiliate is something different from any Wealthy Affiliate member’s story which I am proud to share it.

It is not so much on the monetary side but I would consider it as a success in every angle and I would like to share it that it may inspire you if ever you are planning to start your own online business.

I started in 2013 encountering Wealthy Affiliate reviews and from then on I took the Free Starter Membership.  But before I continue with this episode I would like to say that it is only this time that I got interested in the online world, particularly in the business aspect.


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I. Growth from My World to the Online World

I was born and grew up in a remote area that just been recently accessed by transportation in the turn of the 21st century.  It was only when I started my High School studies that I weaned myself from my parents going to a Rural-Urban community.

My parents had moved thrice from different regions just to look for a living in the jungles.  They are both illiterate and until now they are living from hand to mouth existence.  We are ten siblings and due to economic restraints, I am the only one who was able to graduate in college.

From High School to college education I managed in some ways to have self-help.  With the grace of the Almighty, I was able to finish a Bachelor of Arts.  I passed the illegibility examination so I am qualified to work in any government office.  However, another call changed the direction of my life.

In 1993 I went to the Union Theological Seminary at Palapala, Dasmarinas, Cavite, Philippines.  With some scholarship grants, I was able to hurdle the rigors of training with economic scarcity. I graduated in Master of Divinity in 1996.  That was the only time I used the desktop because I badly needed it for my thesis.  However, not in windows rather in WordStar program.

It was only in 1998 that I started using Windows 98 and I don’t have the interest in the internet.  I only use the computer for making liturgies, letters, programs, and other than that no more.

I started accessing the internet in 2006 due to emails that I have to check.  That was also the time I learned about Facebook.  I don’t understand about it but it makes me curious what and why Facebook is.

In 2012, my wife, a Pastor was assigned to a church with Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) Company connection and we have the full access to YouTube, Gmail, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, and other internet social media.

I begin to see different ads on how to make money online and click on them, received invitations and it was imprinted in my mind that there is real money on the internet.

II. Growth from Scams and Scammers to the Legit

My exposure to the internet world now begins to expand and shifts from being just a movie fan to the interest of making money online.

I did the searching so I read blogs on how to make money on Facebook, how to make money at home, and at the end of the story, my Facebook and email now start to be filled with ads on how to make money online after I tried to sign up on each site.

Some of the scams I encountered are the get rich quick scheme.  Promotion of systems to generate money in an instant, the Nigerian Scam, the lottery scam, and fake charities.  I nearly fell in one of them but the good thing I did not have the money to pay for the amount they are requiring.  While I was in the process of thinking if I am going to look for money so I can pay, I keep on searching for these groups and I’ve proven that they are scams.

It was my decision to really go on for online business and I remembered Wealthy Affiliate as the first choice.  What I like here is that it has a systematized online Entrepreneur Certification Course and pieces of Affiliate BootCamp Training and it’s really comprehensive.

III. Growth from the Free Starter Membership to Premium Membership

As I said it earlier, in 2013 I had been utilizing the Free Starter Membership and when I had the money I upgraded to Premium membership.  It took me just a month and I was not able to resubscribe.  I thought it was not the time for me to be on online venture so for more than two years and I just devoted my time to my job.

On that span of time, I set aside my interest from the online business and never engaged in any domain and web hosting.

In 2016, that was October, my interest was revived and I tried to search again for what best and affordable packages for domain and web hosts.  I searched on GoDaddy, NameCheap, BlueHost, and others, it’s a little bit confusing because if you do not go entirely and check for the packages what you see on these Companies are cheap prices.  But it’s really not, compared to the package offered by Wealthy Affiliate.

So I choose again Wealthy Affiliate and resubscribed to Premium Membership.  When it says $47 per month, that is all for the whole package, no additional, no upsells.

IV. Growth in understanding all about niche, website and a domain name

Do you know why a niche is first to consider before a website?  Yes, and I was wrong at the very start.  I was thinking that I should have a website before choosing a niche.

When I underwent into the lessons at Wealthy Affiliate I made to understand the importance of having a niche first before creating a website.

When you create and register your website first before you find your niche you would be having difficulty in promoting your niche.  Why?  Because you might have registered a different name of your website and your niche.  When people look for your niche they will type your website name.

Let’s try to illustrate this.  Let’s say your niche is a jersey for basketball and your site is “basketball training”.  People will not be able to find your niche “jersey for basketball” because what they are typing to open your site is “basketball training”.

However, there is a solution to that issue.  A website name or identity can be changed even it is already created.  The problem is when your website name is your domain name you cannot change it once it is registered.

A domain name once it is registered will stay for a period of one year.  After that, it will expire if you will not renew the registration.  So you cannot change it.  If you made a mistake by hurrying to register a domain name not related to your site or niche you will suffer low traffic.  So all these three:  niche, website, and domain name must speak of what you want people to look into your website.

I will show you an example of my own mistake in the process.  I registered first a domain name “”.  I was not yet on the lesson and what I thought was it is more easier to have my domain before everything so I would just attach any website.  But I noticed the arrangement of the lessons is choose a niche, building your own website, setting up your website, getting your site ready for SEO, finding content ideas from keywords, understand website pages and creating your…, and creating quality website content.

So how would my domain name help when it’s really off on a tangent to any niche.  Finally, I thought how could this domain name be utilized for after all I bought it and I have to use it.  I thought of promoting Wealthy Affiliate University and as you can see this is my site.

It’s not so good to look for Wealthy Affiliate University by typing another name that will lead to it.

A reminder to a newbie who is aspiring to go on online business, and wants to work with Wealthy Affiliate University you have to follow the sequence of the lessons being presented.  Don’t rush in creating your website and registering a domain name.  There is a proper time for everything.

Continue to Deepen on the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

Online Entrepreneur Certification-Getting Started Today

As of the moment, I’ve finished lessons under Certification Level 1–10 lessons; Certification Level 2–10 lessons; Certification Level 3–10 lessons; Certification Level 4–10 lessons; and currently under Certification Level 5–10 lessons.  At the same time I started to go on the pieces of training under the Affiliate Bootcamp–Starting Your Foundation Phase 1.

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp-Get Started Today

There are still many more trainings until phase 7 and that takes a little longer time.

V. Growth Wealthy Affiliate Took it All

There’s a significant change in my life and this is how I am using my time in the internet world.  During the past years, I would say I am an avid fan of Facebook.  And even until now.  Facebook as of this time can never be replaced by other social media when it comes to photo sharing.  I still love it.  But I would not stay long unless I have to talk with someone to arrange a work-related schedule.

When I started at Wealthy Affiliate I am learning everything and that includes participating in the discussion on how to go with the lessons from niche identification, website creation, content making, social media promotion, program affiliation, and so on and so forth.

I have given importance to my online business project and I must wisely use my time.  Wealthy Affiliate takes most of the time and I am glad I am seeing myself develop as I engage with the community.

VI. Growth on the nearing realization of the project

What can others say to a newbie who has now this site, live and working?  I must appreciate what I have done and as I invest money and time I feel and realize that am no longer the same person.  I gained a new understanding of the online business and the more I appreciate it.

I am thankful to Wealthy Affiliate because I found a legit that warrants the legitimacy of my hard work and the decency of life I want to live here and now and in the future.

I want to share it with you that at this stage and time my site is now starting to earn with Adsense and as I continue to put more work it will surely grow and I will retire with a full-time income on my lap.

Thank you for reading my post.  As I said at the very start I will say it again to end my story.  The success I’ve attained as of the moment is just the start of the coming greater part of success and I’m very sure it is very near.

You can make it too when you come and join us at Wealthy Affiliate.  It is the home for success to anyone.

Your decision is very important to change your life.  The earlier the better so click the link below and join us.


Are you willing to develop your skills? Start your Free Membership here

SiteRubix My Site Builder

SiteRubix is said to be a technical free website builder which takes you in less than a minute. It keeps website protected from hackers, spammers, malware, and malicious activity that all websites are susceptible to. On the dashboard of Wealthy Affiliate, the SiteRubix is the tool an affiliate member is guided, supported and gain pieces of training. That is the reason why I use SiteRubix as my site builder.


What is SiteRubix?

SiteRubix My Site Builder-The Site Builder
This image is clickable

SiteRubix is a website builder powered by Wealthy Affiliate.  It has six features and they are the

  • Site Manager
  • Site Builder
  • Site Comments
  • Site Feedback
  • Site Support, and
  • Site Domains
  • Site Details

 Let us discuss them one by one.

  • The Site Manager

WA dashboard

In the Site Manager, you will see all your websites.  If you have three websites then it is listed under Site Manager.  

So you can choose what website you are to login going to your WordPress dashboard.  Along with the websites login tab you also have refresh tab,  view tab, comments tab, feedback tab, move tab, and details tab.

You will also see the date displayed when you last backed up your site, the number of your posts, the number of approved comments, pending comments.   You will see if your site is Google Indexed, and in the Site Plus+ you will see the plugins installed.


  • The Site Builder

Site Rubix Features

Here on the Site Builder tab, you are guided to what kind of website you want to build.  Is it on a free domain, on a domain you own, or you are going to register a domain.

1. On the free domain you are guided to fill in the details needed:
Choose a domain name for your website

Enter a domain name like your-website-name and it will become
Enter a title for your website

You can always change your website title later
Choose a design for your website

2. On the domain, you own you fill in the details needed below.
Choose a domain name for your website
Enter a domain name or choose from the list

Enter a title for your website
You can always change your website title later
Choose a design for your website

3. On the Register a domain

You are to choose what domain you will register through the domain search bar either “. com”, “. org”, or “. net”.

You are also given the chance to transfer domains from other registrars to Site Domains at WA. It’s easy, it’s quick, and it allows you to use all of the domain features offered by WA.

<<Transfer a Domain to WA>>
Other Domains

You can point domains registered outside of Wealthy Affiliate to WA Servers and host your websites. To do this update your domain’s DNS at the following


  • The Site Comments

The site comments will show you how comments take place on your website.  There are two tabs for that and these are the “request comment” and the “offer comment”.

Under the request comment, you will see Comment Job History.  These are the Comments that you have received on the websites you own.

And under the offer comment, you will see the comment history.  These are the comments that you have offered on other people’s websites of both approved and the disapproved.


  • The Site Feedback

The site feedback has two tabs, the request and offers feedbacks.  The common thing with site comment and feedback is that you should earn credits first before you can have the chance to offer comment or feedback.

The difference between the two is in comments when it is approved it will be published on the website while the feedback is just within the Wealthy Affiliate community consumption.

A comment is addressing the content or the article solely. Just like when a stranger is visiting your website and places a reaction to your article.  Their purpose is interaction, query, sharing, and solutions between the visitor and the author.

Feedback is addressing the layout, the grammar, the colors, the pictures etc.

This may consist of compliments or criticism on the website, its layout, content, structure or other things they as an administrator are working on…

This is private information between a reader and the website owner and is limited to its purpose of providing help and suggestions from one party to another.


  • The Site Support

This is where Site Support Ticket Submission is available.  You can ask a question on any issues related to your website and to your domain.  If you have multiple websites and domains you can choose from where the issues occur.

Infinite Website Features

Responsive and Mobile Ready!
1000’s of Professional Designs
Features to Extend your Functionality
The World’s Easiest Website Builder


  • Site Details

Under this, you will see the Site Plus+. The description of the images will let you understand why this Site Rubix Website Builder has an advantage over the others. It has the Site Speed, the Site SSL (HTTPS), the Site Protect (Spam Blocker).

SiteRubix My Site Builder-Domain detailsSiteRubix My Site Builder-Domain detailsSiteRubix My Site Builder-Domain details


SiteRubix is competitive with all the powerful site building tools in the world. You will never regret when you are in because you are, with the experts in technology. Keeping your website up and running is something that they handle and it’s something that you will never need to worry about.


SiteRubix My Site Builder-The Site Builder
Image clickable