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A Public High School Teacher Turned Blogger

This story about a public high school teacher turned blogger will surely amaze you so stay in tune with the last paragraph. In 2013, a public teacher from the Elementary Grade in Pangil, Laguna, Philippines resigned from his teaching profession not because he has committed a crime or has been negligible in his responsibility. Believe … Read moreA Public High School Teacher Turned Blogger

Wealthy Affiliate Online University

Are you planning to have an online education?  Are you having difficulty in identifying the best online education? Choosing Best Online University must be our primary consideration. In the online world we are exposed to many choices, and if we are not wise enough success is a remote thing for us.  In this life, it’s … Read moreWealthy Affiliate Online University

Bootcamp-the Outer Cover

This is the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp outer cover.  By glancing over the lessons you know where you are headed to.  It is the advance guide next to the Online Entrepreneur Certification Courses Presented.  This is more of in the refining of your website you have worked on the certification courses, branding and expanding your presence … Read moreBootcamp-the Outer Cover

Unique Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

Are you searching for a unique online course?  Then you have found this article the right one for you.  The Wealthy Affiliate Unique Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. Of the legit online websites I found,  Wealthy Affiliate has this kind of a well-formulated, well-designed, organized, intentional, and unique online entrepreneur certification course in bringing a concrete … Read moreUnique Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

WordPress Dashboard, the Website Back Office

The WordPress dashboard, the website back office or backstage. Wealthy Affiliate as web host anchors it hosting with WordPress so that all website contents are formulated, edited, revised in WordPress dashboard. In a presentation by any group whether it be in school, in barangays, in malls, in theater, there is always a stage for the … Read moreWordPress Dashboard, the Website Back Office

Wealthy Affiliate Community likened to a Wrist Watch

Wealthy Affiliate community is likened to a wristwatch with different parts moving together for one purpose and one direction. The Wealthy Affiliate Community A community is composed of several people.  They may be coming from different parts of the world, different cultures, different status in life but they are called a community. Just like a … Read moreWealthy Affiliate Community likened to a Wrist Watch